CPN One (formerly known as Central Point Network) is an El Kadsreian commercial TV channel. It was launched on January 13, 1963, on its frequencies in channel 13 in West El Kadsre and it's owned by CPN Media Group. Their sister stations are CPN Two, CPN News, CPN Kids, and CPN Life. Like Fox TV USA, Citytv Canada, CPN One is a commercial TV network.


Central Point Network was launched in East El Kadsreian television on 1963.

After the Vlokozu Union was founded, CPN expanded to West El Kadsre, it only had small ratings and didn't do well. The channel was popular during the late 1970s and the early 1980s..

During the Vlokozu Union media crash of 1982, CPN suffered financially loses and ratings began to decrease. In 1985, CPN got major rebrand with better programming and advertising, so ratings recovered it so and became profitable during early-1990s.



  • CPN This Morning (1997-present)
  • CPN Afternoon News (1982-present)
  • CPN Evening News (1980-present)
  • CPN Late-Night News (1980-present)
  • Dateline El Kadsre (1986-present)

Original programming

  • Reporter's Notebook (1991-present)
  • Tonight with Jimmy Soler (2001-present)
  • Juicy! (2005-present)

Regional programming

Imported programming

  • House Hunters

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