Calimero is the English dub of the anime series of Calimero. The dub was formatted with two seasons: the first released in 1985 was dubbed from the 1974 anime, while the second released in 1993 was dubbed from episodes of the 1992 anime. Both seasons were dubbed by Returned and Services League. RSL also dubbed the original PagotFilm shorts in 1982 with the same cast.

Voice Cast


  • Theme Song 1 (Calimero, Cal-lee-mero)
Performed by: Mahri English Children's Choir, Noach Irwin, and Brock Baker
  • Theme Song 2 (Calimero, Cal-lee-mero 1993)
Performed by: Hiro Rocko and Brock Baker
  • Theme Song 3 (Calimero and his friends)
Performed by: Maja Prebensen (as Floofsha), Fluffarella Jones, and Jaylin Rounds with Brock Baker and Andy Wilson
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