Canada's Adventure is an amusement park located in Markham, Ontario owned by Cedar Fair.


Canada's Adventure first opened in 1983 under the ownership of Carwardine Parks. In 1985, Carwardine sold Canada's Adventure to Funtime Parks, Inc. In 1995, Cedar Fair bought the park.


Roller coasters

  • Disaster Transport 2: Escape from Alaska (2015; a Mack Bobsled Coaster, "son" of Disaster Transport in Cedar Fair Lore)
  • Lil' Boomer (1983; A Zierer large Tivoli coaster)
  • Thunderboom (1983)
  • Tiki Twirl (2008; A Gerstlauer 420/4 spinning coaster)
  • Woodstock Express (2006; A GCI Family Wooden coaster)
  • Zipper (2017; a USA Coaster Company Dangling Coaster)

Flat rides

  • Scrambler (1983)

Kiddie rides

All located in Planet Snoopy.

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