Carnade is a Dutch conglomerate (formerly as a megacorporation) founded by the government of the Dutch Republic back at 1585.


Postmodern Carnade: (1991-present)


After the Revolutions of 1989 in the Kadersaryinan Islands ended in 1991, Carnade was broken up into 50 different companies by the newly established countries and governments, including already existing countries and governments such as Lemongo, Tametlryedaraeh, Fiugeyhery, and many others. Fast-track construction had retrended in the urban planning industry a couple decades after the end of the post-WWII economic expansion in the 1970s.


Carnade's involvement in the Postmodern revolutions in the Kadersaryinan Islands: (2018-present)

In 2018, Bufamat raised the corporate tax from 55% to 195%, this massive raise of corporate taxes outraged Carnade, so they want to take military action to overthrow Bufamat and to establish a corporate republic of Bufamat that's controlled under Carnade. As of 2020, Carnade was planning to declare war on more countries with outrageous percentages of corporate taxes and value-added taxes, but these wars that were planned are postponed because of the coronavirus.

Carnade's involvement during the Coronavirus pandemic: (2019-present)

Back at December 2019, they created antiviral pills to fight off against the coronavirus, but overtime, the supply for them ran out so quick that they'll have to keep raising the price or they have to temporary phased out some of their supplies for a few industries they're involved with just to create more supply for the antiviral pills to fight off against the coronavirus, same goes with toilet paper, hand sanitizers, food, water, medical supplies and etc.


Carnade had left the Chinese market, they stopped buying animals from the Chinese wet markets, they're planning to focus more on anywhere else that's not China, like Africa, North Korea, and the Kadersaryinan Islands. Not only Carnade left the Chinese market, but Carnade also left the Iranian, Russian, Iraqi, Syrian, Serbian, Hungarian, and other countries' markets temporary except for China until it's over.

Carnade's involvement during the Coronavirus recession: (2020-present)

During the Coronavirus recession, Carnade is doing bailouts of companies and countries, this also includes giving all of their employees an extra 1000 dollars a month alongside with their wages on February, March, April, May, and June.

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