Carwardine's Adventure Acres is an indoor amusement park resort located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The park is often credited as being America's first indoor amusement park. It competes with the Adventuredome at Circus Circus.


After Chris Carwardine's visit to Galaxyland in fall 1985, the resort was approved in December 1985 and construction started February of 1986. By summer of 1986, it was already looming over the Vegas strip, in autumn of 1986, the first rides were installed, by January 1987, the park was officially announced, in April of 1987, the park was roofed off, the park soft opened in November of 1987 and also the hotel opened, the park opened March 9, 1988. On May 22, 1988, the park was officially dedicated.

The park was expanded in 1997 to include a mini mall-like shopping and dinning area and more rides.


  • Kids Kountry (formerly known as "77 Kids Rad City" [2010-2011], "PBS Kids Neighborhood" [2003-2007], "Adventure Land for Kids" [1988-2003; 2007-2010])
  • Poker Palace
  • Vegas Innovations (added in 1997)
  • Carnival Boardwalk
  • Redwall's Mossflower Woods (formerly part of Kids Kountry until 2013)
  • Adventure Acres Promenade (shopping and dinning area; added in 1997)


Roller coasters

  • Ace Tivoli (1988; A Zierer Large Tivoli themed to the Ace playing cards, one train is the Ace of Spades, another is the Ace of Diamonds) [Poker Palace]
  • Boomerang (2000; A Vekoma Boomerang coaster) [Vegas Innovations]
  • Kiddy Koaster (2010; A Vekoma Junior coaster, formerly known as "77 Kids Little Eagle" [2010-2011]) [Kids Kountry]
  • Maximum Hype (1997; A Morgan hyper coaster, meant to rival Desperado at Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino, added as part of the 1997 expansion, third tallest indoor coaster) [Vegas Innovations]
  • Redwall: Flight for Victory (1992; An Arrow suspended swing coaster; formerly known as "Aviator" [1992-2013], second roller coaster installed at the park)

Flat rides

  • Bungee Jump (1997; an extra charge bungee trampoline) [Carnival Boardwalk]
  • Carousel (1988) [Carnival Boardwalk]
  • High Roller (2003; A Huss Top Spin ride) [Poker Palace]
  • Pirate (1988; A Huss pirate ship ride) [Carnival Boardwalk]
  • Roulette (1988; A Chance Tranbant ride with a poker theme) [Poker Palace]

Kiddie rides

All kiddie rides are located in Kids Kountry.

  • Crazy Bus (1997; A Zamperla Crazy Bus ride, formerly known as "Rad City Bus Line" [2010-2011], "Wacky Bus" [1997-2003; 2007-2009], and "D.W's Crazy Bus" [2003-2007])
  • Kiddie Express starring Thomas & Friends (1988; A Chance kiddie train ride, formerly known as "Kiddie Express" (2011-2018), "77 Limited" [2010-2011], and "Adventure Land Railroad" [1988-2009]; retheming was done by MSC Incorporated and Garner Holt Productions - with the original C.P. Huntington locomotive rethemed as James and two MSC Kiddie Locos rethemed as Thomas and Percy)
  • Rockin' Tug (2010; A Zamperla Rockin' Tug ride, formerly known as "S.S. Rocker 1977" [2010-2011])
  • Kiddie Motorcycles (1988; A Hampton rides kiddie umbrella ride with motorcycles, formerly known "Get Rad BMX Bikes" [2010-2011] and "Junior Motocross" [1988-2009])
  • Robo Race (1988; A Zamperla Mini Enterprise ride with all robot cars)

Gift shops and games

  • Abercrombie & Fitch/Abercrombie Kids (added in 1997; Abercrombie Kids added in 2015) [Adventure Acres Promenade]
  • Adventure Acres Arcade [Carnival Boardwalk]
  • Aeropostale (added in 1997) [Adventure City Promenade]
  • Bath & Body Works (added in 1997) [Adventure City Promenade]
  • The Children's Place (added in 1997)
  • Gap (added in 1997) [Adventure City Promenade]
  • Hollister/Gilly Hicks (added in 2018) [Adventure City Promenade]
  • Hot Topic (added in 1997) [Adventure City Promenade]
  • Hyper Store (A gift shop located at the exit for Maximum Hype)
  • Justice (formerly a Limited Too store) [Adventure City Promenade]
  • Kids Kountry Store (formerly a 77 Kids store) [Kids Kountry]
  • Thomas & Friends Gift Station

Restaurants and eateries

  • McDonald's

Former rides/attractions

  • Beatlemania (1990-1996; a theater with animatronic recreations of the Beatles rock band)
  • Kiddie Dodge 'Ems (1988-2009; kiddie bumper cars, replaced with Rockin' Tug)


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The Grand Carwardine

The only opening day hotel.


  • Standard [FLOOR 1]
  • Balcony [FLOORS 2-3]
  • Suite [FLOORS 4-5]
  • Balcony Suite [FLOORS 6-7]
  • Family [FLOORS 8-10]
  • Whirlpool [FLOOR 11]
  • Couple [FLOOR 12]
  • Condo [FLOORS 13-15]
  • Loft [FLOORS 16-17]
  • Condo Lofts [FLOORS 18-21]
  • Redwall [FLOORS 22-25]
  • Three-Story Lofts [FLOORS 26-31]
  • Top of The World [FLOOR 32]


  • Club Carwardine (1988-present, a club where you can dance, be a DJ, have a few drinks and have fun, one of the three age restricted attractions in the resort) [FLOOR 2]
  • Carcade (1988-present, an arcade) [FLOOR 3]
  • Dive Off Into The Waterpark (1992-present, a ProSlide Dive In Slide that goes into a 24ft deep pool to easily access the waterpark without taking the elevator or the stairs, one of the five floor-based activities to not have a bathroom) [FLOOR 4]
  • McDonalds [FLOOR 5]
  • Dairy Queen [FLOOR 6]
  • Carward-sino (1988-present, a casino themed to the Carwardine chain, has classic Carwardine props like the original Carwardine Colony sign, etc., one of the the three age restricted attractions in the resort) [FLOOR 7]
  • Taco Bell [FLOOR 8]
  • O' Charley's [FLOOR 9]
  • Guy's Las Vegas Restaurant [FLOOR 10]
  • Domino's Pizza [FLOOR 11]
  • Olive Garden [FLOOR 12]
  • 13th Floor Laser Tag (one of the five floor-based activities to not have a bathroom) [FLOOR 13]
  • Condo-ments [FLOOR 14]
  • Blue Bunny Ice Cream [FLOOR 15]
  • Laser Frenzy (one of the five floor-based activities to not have a bathroom) [FLOOR 16]
  • 4D Theatre (one of the five floor-based activities to not have a bathroom) [FLOOR 17]
  • VR Area [FLOOR 18]
  • Switch Room [FLOOR 19]
  • Panoramic Views [FLOOR 20]
  • Kids Hang-Out Area [FLOOR 21]
  • Teens Hang-Out Area [FLOOR 22]
  • Movie Theatre [FLOOR 23]
  • Bungee Jump [FLOOR 24]
  • High-Up Pool [FLOOR 25]
  • High-Up Hot Tubs [FLOOR 26]
  • Mini Golf [FLOOR 27]
  • Library [FLOOR 28]
  • Piano Bar (one of the three age restricted attractions at the resort) [FLOOR 29]
  • Diner [FLOOR 30]
  • Mirror Maze [FLOOR 31]
  • Top of the World (one of the five floor-based activities to not have a bathroom) [FLOOR 32]


On Floors 1-5.

  • 777 Pool (1991; Wave Pool, originally 5ft deep, deepened to 6ft deep in 1993)
  • Blackjack Tube (1988; Fred Langford Tube Slide)
  • Casino Bowl (2001; ProSlide CannonBowl)
  • Grand Gusher (1989; ProSlide MultiBump)
  • Hurricane Hill (1994; Four WhiteWater West Tube Slides)
    • Hurricane Emily (A slide that's transparent and goes outside the building)
    • Hurricane Floyd (A slide that's entirely open except when it goes outside the building in the end)
    • Hurricane Gert (A slide that's entirely enclosed but is still in the building except at the very end)
    • Hurricane Koryn (A slide that goes outside the building entirely in the dark)
  • Kids Fort (2012; ProSlide RideHouse)
  • Nevada Narwhal (1991; A ProSlide Mammoth)
  • Poker Twist (1988; Fred Langford Body Slide that goes outside the building)
  • Slot River (1989; Lazy River)
  • Vegas Strip (1989; ProSlide FreeFall)

Holiday Inn Carwardine

Opened late 1989.

Baymont Carwardine

Opened January 1990.

Carwardine's Timeshare Resort

Opened September 1991.

Sheraton Carwardine

Opened fall 1996.

Rodeway Inn Carwardine

Opened 2003.

Easter Eggs

Remnants of past attractions

  • The entrance to Kids Kountry still has the supports shaped like the number 7 leftover from when it was 77 Kids Rad City.
  • The Kids Kountry Store still has the store fixtures from when it was a 77 Kids store, but all of the 77 Kids/American Eagle references have been removed.

Disney Roasts

Several roasts and take-that's at Disney were added around the park in a 1998 renovation. They were removed in the 2003 renovation after Disney threatened Carwardine and The Mills with legal action.

  • One of the support poles had text saying "EISNER BEWARE", "MOUSE CROSSING" and "CHRIS CARWARDINE PICTURES" in the style of the Walt Disney Pictures logo. They were covered up with liquid rubber sealant and painted over during the 2003 renovation.
  • A sign saying "No wusses allowed" in the queue line for Maximum Hype has a depiction of Mickey Mouse, this was replaced with Bear from Franklin in 2003.


  • During the Coronavirus, 32 full-color full-sound security cams were installed to catch people sneaking into the resort without a mask on. The hotel is still open, but masks are required in all public places, otherwise, it isn't open.
  • The Grand Carwardine is one of the few hotels to have a 13th floor.
  • The theme park building was built by an airplane hangar company.
  • The building was inspired by the Union Terminal in Cincinnati and the World Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall.
  • The theme park building is 600 ft tall and is the first theme park to have a retractable roof, however, due to issues with the system, it was never used outside of the grand opening and the right panels' mechanisms were removed in 2000 to make way for a new employee entrance, the left panels' mechanisms still exist, but are covered up with wood planks.
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