Carwardine Corners is an amusement park that is located in Yonkers, New York. It is owned by Carwardine Parks.


  • Port of Entry
  • Carwardine Street
  • Kids Kountry (formerly known as "PBS Kids Neighborhood" from 2003-2007 and "77 Kids Kountry" from 2009-2011)
  • Splashtown (inclusive water park)
  • Temple Valley

Current rides

Roller coasters

  • Backfire (2002; A Vekoma Inverted Boomerang "Invertigo" roller coaster, originally planed to be a Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang, before a 165ft height limit was implemented post-9/11, built on the land where City Jet was planned to be relocated to make way for the ill-fated Busytown dark ride project at Carwardine Colony) [Carwardine Street]
  • Big Apple Beast (1983, a PTC wooden roller coaster, one of the three opening day coasters) [Temple Valley]
  • Crazy Chris' Wild Ride (1983; an Arrow Dynamics mine train roller coaster/dark ride hybrid, one of the three opening day coasters, retracked by DH Morgan in 2000) [Carwardine Street]
  • Manhattan Mayhem (1993; a TOGO Ultra Twister with Dive Loop, only one with a dive loop in the US)
  • Redwall: Fight for Victory (2003; a GCI wooden roller coaster similar to the Omaha Luna Park version of the coaster) [Kids Kountry]
  • Sagwa's Rickshaw Run (2003; a Schwarzkopf Double Looping Coaster, formerly operated at Funtime Mountain in New Zealand from 1983-1988 as "Looping" and La Cité Incroyable from 1989-2000 as "Le GoKart") [Kids Kountry]
  • Simpsons' Road Trip Coaster (1983; A Zierer Large Tivoli kiddie coaster, one of the three opening day coasters, not renamed for PBS Kids Neighborhood, formerly "Tivoli Rainbow" [1983-2021]) [Kids Kountry]
  • Space Rockets (2003; a Vekoma Junior Coaster Custom, formerly known as "Grover's Vapor Trail" from 2003-2007) [Kids Kountry]
  • Wild Mouse (2000; A Maurer Wild Mouse "Right" Model, replaced the old "Wild Mouse" which was a Monster Mouse by Allan Herschell, formerly "The All-New Wild Mouse" from 2000-2001)
  • Wild Wheels (2003; a Vekoma Junior Coaster 335m, formerly known as "Barney's Super-Dee-Duper Roller Coaster" from 2003-2007) [Kids Kountry]

Flat rides

  • Afterburner (2000; a KMG Afterburner and the prototype for the model) [Carwardine Street]
  • Awesome Alex's Splended Splash (1984; An arrow Log Flume, was the longest log flume clocking in at 15 minutes, even beating out Splash Mountain, until another log flume in Japan beat it out at 20 minutes long) [Carwardine Street]
  • Blazer (1983; A Schwarzkopf Enterprise ride, refurbished by HUSS-TechEruo in 2003)
  • Carwardine River Rapids (1988; Intamin River Rapids, one of the first three of its kind at a Carwardine park) [Carwardine Street]
  • Carwardine Sky Wheel (1983; A Ferris wheel)
  • Flying Scooters (1991; Flying Scooters, called Bart's Cowabunga Skaters from 1991-2007) [Carwardine Street]
  • Red Baron (1988; A Zamperla Telecombat ride) [Carwardine Street]
  • Sea Storm (1983; A Mack Sea Storm ride) [Temple Valley]
  • Space Capsule (1983; An Eyerly Roll-O-Plane ride) [Carwardine Street]
  • Steeplechase (1983; A carousel ride) [Carwardine Street]
  • Wave Link (1995; A tram ride that takes guests to and from the Splashtown and the main park)

Kiddie rides

All kiddie rides are located in Kids Kountry.

  • Baron von Junior (2003; A Zamperla Mini Jet ride, formerly known as "Zak & Wheezie's Dragon Flyers" from 2003-2007)
  • Camp Bus (2003; A Zamperla Crazy Bus ride, formerly known as "D.W's Crazy Bus" [2003-2007] and "Camp 77 Bus" [2009-2011])
  • Disco Spinner (2003; A Zamperla Disk'O Coaster, formerly known as "DragonflyTV Space Simulator" [2003-2007])
  • Orbiter (1983; An Allan Herschell Astronaut ride, formerly known as "Zoomstronauts!" [2003-2007] and "Space Age" [1983-2002])
  • Road Rally (2003; A Zamperla Convoy ride, formerly known as "Oscar's Sloppy Jalopies" [2003-2007])
  • Rockin' Tug (2009; A Zamperla Rockin' Tug ride, formerly known as "SS A. Eagle" [2009-2011])
  • Tumble Buggies (1983; A Traver Kiddie Tumble Bug ride, not renamed for PBS Kids Neighborhood)


  • Big Kahuna Wave (1995; wave pool)
  • Daredevil's Peak (1995; ProSlide trio of freefall slides, in 2015, one of the slides has been converted into a trapdoor slide)
  • Floodgate Falls (2005; ProSlide Mammoth slide)
  • Garfield's Island (1999; A kids water playground with slides)
  • Hudson River Run (1995; lazy river)
  • Lady Liberty (2009: a ProSlide Tornado themed to the Statue of Liberty with a 10ft scale version of the statue on top of the funnel)
  • Mini Mountain (1995; 3 kiddie mat slides)
  • Slide Mountain (1995; 4 ProSlide PipeLine slides)
  • Super Mario Splash (2015; Mario pipe themed enclosed body slides, made by ProSlide, first ProSlide slides to have AquaLucent light effects)

Mario Kart at Carwardine Corners

Located at the westmost corner of the park. An extra-charge go-kart area.

  • Bowser Circuit (1998; Unique design combining SNES Bowser Castle 2 and SNES Bowser Castle 3)
  • Luigi Circuit (1998; Based on N64 Luigi Raceway)
  • Mario Circuit (1998; Based on SNES Mario Circuit 1)
  • Rainbow Road (1998; Based on SNES Rainbow Road)

Former Rides

Former Coasters

  • Wild Mouse (1983-1999; a relocated Allan Herschell "Monster Mouse" from Funtown in Chicago, relocated to a park in Mexico)


  • In 2001, an 8-year old girl from Quebec died after being thrown from her seat on Afterburner. Carwardine Parks were found to be not at fault as the girl failed to properly secure her lapbar.
  • On June 5, 2004, a family from East Harlem were critically injured when a train of Sagwa's Rickshaw Run collided with another train waiting to dispatch. The boy dislocated his elbow while the mother fractured her knee.
  • On July 26, 2004, a 12-year old girl from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was found unconscious after riding Redwall: Fight for Victory once its train returned to the loading station. She was airlifted to North Central Bronx Hospital in The Bronx where she was eventually resuscitated. She was suffering from a heart condition according to authorities.
  • In 2005, a 57-year-old man from Queens who was formerly a debt collector started working at the park during the summer as a seasonal employee. While working at the park on his second month on the job, he slipped and fell from Slide Mountain in Splashtown. He was airlifted to Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center in Secaucus, New Jersey where he was pronounced dead on arrival.



  • Space Capsule originally operated at Carwardine Colony from 1980-1982.
  • Crazy Chris' Wild Ride was originally going to be a log flume.
  • The park is one of the most profitable due to being near NYC.
  • This park has a building restriction of 165ft in height.
  • A tram must be used to go across the theme park to the water park.
  • The waterpark was originally going to be far closer to the theme park and not require a tram, however, they thought it would intrude on expansion.



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