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Carwardine Funtown Resorts & Hotels is a chain of family oriented hotels, motels & resorts owned by Carwardine Parks since 2001. Some locations feature amusement park attractions, keeping in theme with Carwardine's amusement park operator status.


The hotel chain was announced in 1999, as Carwardine's entry into the hotel chain market, the first location would be their second hotel in Newport News, after the Carwardine Hotel.


Carwardine Funtown Inn & Suites

14 locations exist. The corridor and biomes vary.

Carwardine Funtown Inn

16 locations exist. They are smaller sized resorts in the vein of CoCo Key or several independent resorts.

Carwardine Funtown Suites

15 locations exist, They are similar to Carwardine Funtown Inn, but have two separate waterparks and all-suite rooms.

Carwardine Funtown Resort, Inn & Suites

8 locations exist. They are always exterior corridor resorts at beaches.

Carwardine Funtown Ski Resort, Inn & Suites

4 locations exist. They are always interior corridor resorts in mountains.


  • The Brazilian location is the only Carwardine property currently in Brazil, but is currently operated by Grupo Wagner (who used to own Carwardine), although Carwardine owns it.
  • Only five locations are owned and operated - Newport News, Long Branch, Dubai, Tokyo and Binghamton.