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Alvin and the Chipmunks

  • Chipmunk Evolution (with 1960s, 1980s, 2007 and 2015 designs)
  • Christmas Don't Be Late! (with 1960s designs)

Billings' Wild Kingdom

  • Official Emblem Shirt (Official Emblem contains a tiger running next to a coaster with a train coming down the drop, the shirt has a black or orange backdrop, with the black shirts being for most stores and the orange shirts being rewarded in contests)

Care Bears

Carwardine Colony

  • I've Ridden The American Arrow!
  • I've Been To The Carwardine Mines!
  • City Jet Airlines
  • Classic Cyclone: A Blast From The Past
  • I've Conquered The Big Six! (Monstar, Nitro Rush, Twin Spiral, Redwall: Escape from Malkariss, Zero G-Force & Classic Cyclone)
  • Flash Forward BTTF logo Parody
  • Flying Turns: Class of 1930
  • Lasso up some thrills!
  • Monstar 99 Sports Jersey
  • Rampage Logging Corp.
  • I Survived Monstar and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt!

Darien Lake

  • Barracuda Bay Beach Club
  • I'll fall over for 'Cuda Falls!
  • I Survived The Predator
  • Thunder Rapids Logging Company est. 1981
  • Viper 82 Sports Jersey
  • Viper logo



  • Opryland Classic logo

Rainbow Brite


  • I Am That Is
  • Matthias With Sword of Martin & Logo

Rose Park

  • Face The Storm!

The Secret of NIMH

SpongeBob SquarePants


Kamp Koral Logo

Bikini Bottom Welcome To Paradise

Bob Esponja Logo (Mexican Parks)

Shirts without Photos

  • Mr. Krabs' Wacky Bucks
  • No! This Is Patrick!

Former Shirts

Bring It Around Town (Lake Compounce variation) DISCONTINUED: in 2007 after Carwardine sold off Lake Compounce

An Evolution of a Sponge DISCONTINUED: limited time shirt between December 31st 2018-December 31st 2019

Super Mario

Shirts with Photos

Shirts without Photos


  • The Mario Shirt Collection: Super Mario Bros.
  • The Mario Shirt Collection: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

2015 Season Limited Edition

  • SMB 30th Anniversary Shirt

2019 Season Limited Edition

  • Do The Mario! SMBSS 30th Anniversary Shirt
  • Pasta Power! SMBSS 30th Anniversary Shirt

Thomas & Friends

  • Peep Peep, Yeah!
  • You Have Caused Confusion and Delay