Catland is an El Kadsreian comedy/satire website created and owned by Herbert Vlokozu, a distant relative of Michael Vlokozu. Like SomethingAwful and Cracked, it consists of a forum, as well as a blog-like section where articles are posted. (In 2005, a MediaWiki-based wiki was added.) It was created in 1997 to share pictures of cats, but it massively expanded in scope in 1999, because Herbert Vlokozu felt there were already too many El Kadsreian websites related to cats, and not enough El Kadsreian comedy websites.

The site is controversial because its community is very similar to 4chan, 8chan, KiwiFarms, and EncyclopediaDramatica. The site is regularly blacklisted in schools across the El Kadsreian Islands.

The site was originally only available in English, but it launched a Japanese section in 2001, followed by Spanish in 2002, Vicnoran in 2005, Kapuran in 2007, French in 2009, and Crootch in 2011. All language sections have a similar structure and a similar toxic community.

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