Centerpoint Park is an amusement park located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.


Centerpoint Park opened in 1969. In 1982, Funtime Parks bought the park. In 1993, Funtime sold the park to Carwardine Parks. This park is the most visited theme park in Niagara Falls.


  • Canada Beltway (Canadian themed area, second land you go to in the park, after Carwardine Street)
  • Carwardine Street (American themed area)
  • Funland
  • Kids Kountry (was known as "77 Kids Kountry" from 2010-2011, formerly known as "Centrepointe Jr." [1980-1992])
  • The World of Nintendo (added in 2000)


Roller coasters

  • Bumpkin (1980; A Zierer small Tivoli coaster, formerly known as "77 Kids Little Eagle" [2010-2011] and "Ladybug" [1980-2009])
  • Delta One (1990; An Arrow suspended swing roller coaster)
  • Double Dash Dueler (2005; a dueling coaster themed to Mario Kart: Double Dash) [World of Nintendo]
  • Eagle (1980; An Arrow looping roller coaster) [Carwardine Street]
  • Mega Man: The Ride (1995; an Intamin Space Diver that was bought from Cedar Fair, This was the first ride in the Carwardine chain to use the Mega Man license, the coaster has since gotten new B&M Sit-Down trains to reduce noise and increase uptime) [Funland]
  • Pikachu's Thunderbolt (2000; A Reverchon wild mouse [non-spinning] coaster with the Pokemon license) [World of Nintendo]
  • Piledrvier (2002; An Intamin impulse roller coaster) [Funland]
  • Redwall: Fight for Victory (2001; a USA Coasters Sit-Down Coaster) [Funland]
  • The Secret of NIMH: The Ride (1995; a TOGO Sit down coaster; first ever ride in the Carwardine chain to use the Secret of NIMH license) [Funland]
  • Wailing Whaler (1969; a wooden roller coaster) [Canada Beltway]

Flat rides

  • 360° (2016; A Larson Super Loop ride)
  • Bowser's Fire Wheel (1974; A Schwarzkopf Enterprise ride, formerly known as "Enterprise" [1974-1999]) [World of Nintendo]
  • Centrepointe Tower (1969; An observation tower located in the middle of the park, painted from White to Gold for it's 50th anniversary before being reverted to white when it reopened.)
  • Koopa Karts (1969; bumper cars, formerly known as "Bumper Rally" [1969-1999]) [World of Nintendo]
  • Lugia Flyers (2000; A Zamperla Telecombat ride themed to Lugia from Pokemon) [World of Nintendo]
  • Sky-A-Rama (1969; A Von Roll Ferris wheel ride) [Funland]
  • Super Mario World (1993; Omnimover Dark ride, mirror of the version at Carwardine Colony, with changes to include Super Mario World elements, which in turn, would be added to the Carwardine Colony version six months later that year) [World of Nintendo]
  • Wave Swinger (1978)

Kiddie rides

All kiddie rides are located in Kids Kountry.

  • Kiddie Bumper Rally (1969; kiddie bumper cars)
  • Kiddie Swings (1980; A Zierer kiddie Wave Swinger ride)
  • Roto Whip (1969; A Mangles Kiddie Whip ride)
  • Rub-A-Dub Tubs (1987; A carousel kiddie ride made by Intamin with a small ring of water around a lighthouse structure with kid-sized rafts)
  • Starships (1969; A Hampton Rides Skyfighters ride)

Restaurants and eateries

  • Insomnia Cookies
  • McDonald's
  • Kids Kountry Kafe
  • Subway
  • Swiss Chalet
  • Tim Hortons

Gift shops and games

  • Kids Kountry General Store (was a 77 Kids store from 2010-2011) [Kids Kountry]
  • Light Laboratories (a gift shop located at the exit of Mega Man: The Ride)
  • Nintendo Power Shop (a gift shop selling Nintendo merchandise) [World of Nintendo]


  • This park is also spelled "Centrepointe Park". This was noted on the old kiddie land area's name being "Centrepointe Jr." and the park's observation tower "Centrepointe Tower".
  • Unlike most Canadian parks, the theming in Carwardine Street uses the US Highway numbers, US flags and US "mailboxes".
  • Unlike the US parks where World of Nintendo is either not sponsored by GameStop, The World of Nintendo here is sponsored by EB Games.
  • Originally, before World of Nintendo opened, Super Mario World was located in Canada Beltway.
  • This is the only Carwardine Park to not have a McDonald's on Carwardine Street, due to contractual issues with the logo. Instead, the McDonald's is located in the Canada Beltway.
  • The McDonald's location in Carwardine Street is replaced by a Subway.
  • Carwardine Street was originally not a street, but more or less a hall with no buildings and only sculptures, it was considered part of Canadian Beltway back then. The sculptures were removed and Carwardine had six months to make the park their own, from January-June 1993, the park reopened June 22, 1993, with the Super Mario World ride opening the following week.
  • This is often considered a testing park for new Carwardine rides, several concepts, like the post-1993 SMW Ride, the NIMH theming, the USA Coasters Partnership, etc. made it finalized, but others, like the Telecombat Ride, the Reverchon Wild Mouse, etc. didn't stick.



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