TechEruo Century 16 is the first home video game console in the Century series. It was developed by TechEruo. In North America, it was distributed by Nintendo in the first third of the consoles lifespan, although, in 1992, TechEruo now distributed it themselves.


Century 16 was launched in 1990, in Eruowood with the price of $259.99. The console features 4-player controller ports, 16-bit color graphics, 64MB max cartridge. It has similarities to Sega Megadrive/Genesis. The US manufacturing was originally in Louisville's GE Manufacturing, but was moved to TechEruo's new New Orleans US office/manufacturing plant in 1991, it can easily be told apart judging by the serial numbers "C16-000" and "C16-001-NOLA". European (or really any PAL region) GE consoles are extremely rare and cost $10,000 Eruowoodian Bucks.


The peripherals were sold separately from the consoles.

  • Century CD - A CD accessory.
  • Century Stick - An arcade style controller/
  • Century Turbo - A turbo controller.
  • Power Play Port - An adapter for playing Pal System games.
  • Miracle Piano Teaching System - A piano controller.
  • Type Texter - A typewriter controller.

Game library

The Century 16 has over 700+ games.


The console was well received among both critics and consumers. It was the first success TechEruo has outside of Eruowood, it rose the company into fame through the decade along with the TechEruo System.


  • This was the first video game console to support S-Video output.
  • The Century 16 Classic was released March 14, 2020 at stores still open during the early stages of the Coronavirus and will have a full roll out on June 21, 2020.

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