TechEruo Century Theoron is the second home video game console in the Century series. It was developed by TechEruo. In North America, it was made in TechEruo's new NOLA-32 office (now known as TechEruo Office 2) it was distributed by Approach Software in the El Kadsreian Islands. It was marketed as a hybrid PC and home video game console. It runs on a specific Microsoft Windows operating system called Microsoft Windows Theoron.


In November 1993, the console was announced at EruoCon for a Christmas 1994 release date (which it did get in Australia, Japan and El Kadsre), but due to competition and fear of the Sega Saturn and Atari Jaguar, it was rushed for a July 1994 release date, resulting in the console easily wearing out of the littlest of dust, outsourcing the console's OS to Microsoft, and having Toys "R" Us pay half of the console's cost.

Century Theoron was launched in 1994, in Eruowood with the price of $305.00. The console features 3-player controller ports, 32-bit color graphics, and various optional add-ons like a printer, a keyboard, mouse, and a CD-Rom drive.

In 2001, the system now supported Windows XP.

In 2004, it was discontinued after 10 years due to it's Windows NT/MS-DOS hybrid processor being discontinued.


The peripherals were sold separately from the consoles.

  • Arcade Grip Stick - A joystick controller.
  • CD-Rom drive
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Play Six- An extension that gains the console 4 extra controller ports to plug in to the 3rd controller port. Used on several N64 ports.
  • Printer
  • Rumbler - A battery operated rumble pack, optional for games that support it.
  • Turbo Booster Pad - A turbo controller.


It got great reception among the growing "EruoNerd" fanbase, but for consumers, it gained a "decent" reception. The price was kinda high and the console wears out easily from only a few specs of dust.

The console helped improve video game sales at Toys "R" Us.


  • The Century Theoron consoles were modified from the Atari Jaguar consoles.
  • This was the first home console to have an analog stick (joystick) in a addition to the d-pad on the controller.
  • The Century Theoron consoles were known to wear out easily from only a few specs of dust making the consoles kind of high maintenance.
  • The CD-Rom add-on can operate CD-Rom based software from Windows 95 to XP. Windows Vista software got patched out, even though it can be operated via hacking, Windows 8.1 and onward software is entirely incompatible without an emulator or mods.
  • Very few Century Theoron specific programs required the CD-Rom add-on.
  • Toys "R" Us was a heavy sponsor of the console until 1996. Therefore the Century Theoron was originally a Toys "R" Us exclusive until 1996 when it started being sold in other retailers, starting with select Blockbuster Video and Sears stores.
  • Most Atari Jaguar games that were released have been ported to the Century Theoron.
  • This was the first TechEruo console to have SEGA games, due to SEGA's dwindling sales on their own hardware.
  • The Century Theoron had a lot of video game compilations, which would be a semi-common theme through the next few consoles.
  • The Century Theoron's startup sound is the same as one used for Windows NT 5.0.
  • The Century Theoron was the first and only home game console that can be hooked up to a PC or a TV. Although newer PCs are incompatible with the console.
  • The Century Theoron is the only video game console to be Energy Star certified.
  • The Century Theoron uses the same start up music as Windows 95 on "Model 1" consoles (1994-1998)
  • The Century Theoron uses the same start up music as Windows NT 5.0 on "Model 2" consoles (1998-2004)

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