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Chaidong (Chaidongese: Чаидoң; Chaidong), officially the Islamic Slavic Republic of Chaidong, is a country in Asia bordered by Russia and located north of Japan.


Chaidongese Empire (1240 AD-1500 AD)

Japanese people established the Chaidongese empire in 1240 AD. The Chaidongese language was introduced by King Hoiting Mapp.

Arab Rule (1500 AD-1925)

In 1500 AD, Arabs, along with its boss, had invaded the Chaidongese Empire. The language used the Arabic script then!

Soviet Union (1925-1991)

In 1925, the Soviet Union takes control of Chaidong.

Modern Day Chaidong (1991-present)

In 1991, Chaidong gained independence from the Soviet Union. After it was dissolved, Chaidong changed the communist flag to the present day Chaidongese Flag.


The population is 27,555,964.


Television networks are NRTC, Vyuee, DomyaTV etc.

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