Champion Prevue Ultra HD is a 24-hour commercial-free barker channel that runs similar to the original Prevue Guide barker network operated by Champion Digital Broadcasting for participating cable systems. This barker channel, which is owned by ABN Domestic Television Corporation and operated by Champion Digital Broadcasting, highlights sneak previews of upcoming programs on various commercial/commercial-free networks and pay-per-view networks like Showtime, Cinemax, HBO, and ABN Ultra HD Cinemas. Champion Prevue also displays a digital program guide with split screen capabilities built on special Solace Ringlight 360 computer systems which are more efficient than its predecessors from before.

Champion Prevue Audio Feed

Participating cable systems would receive new audio files similar to the Sneak Prevue practice from before. Each month, new audio tracks to are sent via flash drive then loaded on the Solace Ringlight 360 hardware to be uploaded to the Champion Prevue servers. These are some example scripts from the audio feeds:

  • The hottest releases and the brightest stars are at your fingertips. Order a stunning movie or live pay-per-view event today!
  • Check out these new releases in Ultra HD!
  • Get a sneak peek at what's coming to pay-per-view this month!
  • Come get a glimpse at some of the most seductive adults-only programs in Ultra HD right here on Champion Prevue!
  • This is the one show you don't want to miss! Order this program today!
  • Pre-ordering pay-per-view programs is fast and simple. Check it out in your Champion Prevue Program Options, then select the channel and program it will air, then select "Pre-Order".
  • Live exclusively on pay-per-view! Order this exciting program today!
  • Get a head start on these hot titles today!
  • Get a head start on these pay-per-view titles before they are gone!
  • Check out today's Champion Prevue Ultra HD lineup!
  • Looking to find out what's on? Here is a glimpse at tonight's lineup in this Champion Prevue In Focus.
  • This has been Champion Prevue In Focus. Tune in again in 30 minutes. To get an entire look at what's on, always tune in to Champion Prevue. We're available 24 hours a day and online at and on the Champion Prevue Mobile App for Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone devices.
  • This is your local SkyCast On the One's Forecast!
  • Get the latest local SkyCast On the One's Forecast at every 1 to 51 minutes past the hour right here on Champion Prevue!
  • You're watching Champion Prevue! Come see what's on!
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