Channel 1 (Thaposian: Kanali Qom; Pronunciation: [qɔnali θom]), sometimes called TRT 1 (although not commonly called), is Thaposia's oldest television station to broadcast since 1934. It is also the most watched channel in the country. Its test broadcasts started in 1934, and official transmissions started in 1939. It was shut down in 1940 due to World War II, but returned in 1947.


Test broadcasting (1934-1939)

In December 1933, the Thaposian Imperial government introduced television in their country, as it was considered new to Thaposian people. 4 months later, experimental broadcasts for their first channel started. It was given no name until May 1935, it was named "ŞRT Têlævizyênim Têsti Zaştemi", meaning TRT Television Test System".

Official broadcasts (1939-1940)

In February 14, 1939, TRT 1 started official broadcasts and was named "ŞRT Têlævizyênim". It transmits from 4pm to 8pm through Yosong. From 4pm to 5pm is news, then 5pm to 7pm is local produced basic programming, mix of children's, women's, men's, comedy, action, drama, etc. 7pm to 8pm is international programming.

Shutdown (1940-1947)

In September 19, 1940, TRT 1 was forced to shut down due to World War II. All transmitters were down temporarily. In 1944, the headquarters were destroyed and 56 workers there died. In 1946, one year after WWII ended, the headquarters were reconstructed.

Rebroadcast (1947-1959)

On April 14, 1947, TRT 1 returned on the air. It only aired news and current affairs until 1950, when TRT 2 was launched, and news programming moved there.

TRT 1 continued broadcasting general programming.


Former programming



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