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Channel One, stylized as 1, (YinYangiese: 频道一; Fiéntàu Yèn) is the flagship television channel of YBC, the state-owned broadcaster of YinYangia, launched in 1944. It is the oldest channel in the country.

It is the first television channel in the world to broadcast in color, in 1947. It broadcasts simultaneously with YBC Radio 1 since 2006.


Channel One was launched on April 6, 1944 as Teleprogram Toralaq, operated by Toralaq Broadcasting Corporation. It was a sister of Radio Toralaq.

Teleprogram Toralaq was telecast from 3:00pm-6:00 pm on weekdays. The day started with an hour of children's programming (3:00pm-4:00pm), half-hour of news (4:00pm-4:30pm), Toralaq News (Now Channel One Shinhuen), half hour of comedy (4:30pm-5:00pm), and one hour of women's programming (5:00pm-6:00pm), and the channel signs off with the block test pattern.

In 1946, the channel started to broadcast 6 hours. It ran a television monopoly and became very successful.

On July 14, 1947, color transmissions started in selected programs. The staff announced that in 1949, transmissions will be on RCA and Technicolor broadcasting. On May 1, 1950, full-color transmissions started, at the same time, Teleprogram Toralaq was renamed to TBC Main Teleprogram. At the time, only the rich and urban people, which made up 20% of the population, owned color television.

On May 4, 1956, the communists took over the Toralaq Republic. TBC Main Teleprogram was used to telecast communist propaganda, and international programming was banned until 1960.

On July 1, 1958, the second television channel, TBC Second Teleprogram, was launched in color. TBC Second Teleprogram ran for 10 hours. It mainly aired teledramas and movies. Both of them were shut down due to a power problem on the Malodin TV Tower in 1961, but returned in 1962.

On May 13, 1959, TBC Main Teleprogram started to telecast in 8 hours. The most popular television show was known as "Three Men and Two Little Boys", started in 1952 and ended in 1977, a TV show about a gay couple with a son and a divorced man with a son. It also started broadcasting in YinYangiese.

On June 12, 1963, TBC Main Teleprogram was renamed to TBC Television. It usually focused on educational and propaganda programming, likewise, TBC Second Teleprogram focused on dramas and movies, and was renamed to TBC 2.

In 1964, TBC TV and TBC 2 launched stations in Saho (now Presiaa), Tawzihila, Hanzhuan, Changda, and Mou'Xhan. They started broadcasting nationwide via satellite in 1967, but only targeted the YinYangiese Han and the Tottomic peoples.

On July 18, 1975, Michael Anquan took over TBC, and renamed TBC Television to TBC 1. After communism was ousted after the 7776 Revolution, TBC 1 returned back to normal programming. Competition between TBC 1 and other channels started with the launch of CNL TV on July 17, 1976, a while after private television was legalized. It changed its look in 1978, but was unsuccessful. In 1986, TBC 1 changed its look for the last time, and ceased broadcasting in English.

In 1995, TBC 1 announced that they will no longer be a television network, and converted all their regional stations to relay stations, all being on virtual channel 1. After Toralaq Republic's dissolution in 1999, TBC was split into two government-owned media organizations, NTVC and Voice of YinYangia. TBC 1 was renamed to NTVC 1.

On January 1, 2006, NTVC and Voice of YinYangia merged into YBC, and NTVC 1 was renamed to Channel One. The channel went to a huge makeover and started to not only air original programming, but also international ones. The channel also started to broadcast simultaneously with YBC Radio 1.

On June 1, 2007, the channel switched off analog transmissions, along with all other YinYangian channels.


Current Programming

Original programming

  • Criminal Case (2008-present)
  • Downtown Street (2002-present)
  • The Edward Show
  • Mother (2014-present)
  • Spring Love (2017-present)
  • Workspace Romance (2009-present)


  • The Loud House (2016-present)
  • Pingu (1986-present)
  • Yin Yang Yo! (2007-present)

Foreign Programming (Drama/Soap Opera/Sitcom)

  • Shortland Street (New Zealand) [1992-present]
  • The Simpsons (United States) [1990-present]
  • Technic Heroes (El Kadsre) [1976-present]

Comedy Shows (Live-stream only)

  • Prank Calls (1994-Present)
  • Dead Street Jokes (2009-Present)
  • Just for Laughs Gags (US, UK) [2010-present]

Children's programming

  • LazyTown (Iceland) [2004-present]


  • Cash Struck YinYangia (2017-present)
  • Travelling around the country (2015-present)

Station IDs



A closedown from 1950s Toralaq television (FAKE)

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