Channel One (Japanese: チャネル1) is the first television channel to be broadcast in Rusawana.


The country's government television channel launched in 1950. It began color broadcasts using the SECAM system, transitioning to full color in 1977. During the Huleharian Revolution, HCTV staff very quickly joined the side of the protesters and allowed them to broadcasts of the demonstrations. When Huleharia was dissolved, the Rusawana took over most of its structures and institutions, The ‘Huleharia Central Television’ was transformed into the 'Rusawana Government Network'. Since Rusawana Government Network (RGN) was liquidated on 2006, RGN 1 adopted the new image and name Channel One. In 2009, Channel One studios has been equipped with the most modern news gathering equipment. Channel One has started their modernization program since 2011, including the acquisition of broadcasting equipment, cameras and vehicles. Despite being operated with little or no budget, Channel One had still managed to cover the biggest events in the country. In 2015, HD feed of Channel One was lanuched.


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