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Channel Two is a state-owned free-to-air English-language television channel in YinYangia owned by YinYangian Broadcasting Corporation. It was launched in 1958, making it the country's second-oldest channel.

Its programming consists of mostly international programming, typically in English.


Channel Two was launched on July 1, 1958 as TBC Secondary Teleprogram, as a sister to TBC Main Teleprogram, launched in color. The channel only broadcasted in English, and during primetime hours.

In 1960, TBC Secondary Programming introduced international programming. It also launched TV stations in Feederet, Amrekdin, and Tawzihila. Three years later, TBC Secondary Programming was renamed to TBC 2. It was known for their famous slanted TBC logo, which was also adopted by TBC Minority Programming in 1971, and TBC 1 in 1975.

After Toralaq Republic was dissolved in 1999, TBC was split, and TBC2 was renamed to NTVC 2. NTVC 2 only aired international programming. In 2000, NTVC 2 introduced Action Time, a weekend morning block that aired action TV shows such as Spiderman, Batman: The Animated Series, Power Rangers, ThunderCats, and others, to compete with satellite and cable television. After cable television became the standard form of television in YinYangia in 2010, the block was discontinued.

The channel usually aired content from ABC, BBC One, TVNZ, and El TV Kadsre 1. In 2004, NTVC 2 made their first local production, Seven Streets, which was a YinYangian remake of Shortland Street. It became a success and started to create more local content.

After the merger of NTVC and Voice of YinYangia, NTVC 2 was renamed to Channel Two. Once again, it mostly aired international programming, until it started to shift its focus to local programming in 2014.


Current Programming

  • Double Love
  • Path of Justice
  • Seven Streets
  • YinYangia's Got Talent!

Cartoons/TV-Y7 Programming

  • Spongebob Squarepants (2000-Present)
  • Danny Phantom (2005-Present)
  • Make It Pop (2016-present)

News Programming

  • Channel Two News
  • Breakfast at Two
  • Lunch at Two
  • Nighttime at Two

Foreign Programming (Drama/Soap Opera/Sitcom)

  • Broadchurch (United Kingdom) [2016-Present]


  • Crayon Shin-chan (2001-Present, FUNimation dub)
  • One Piece (2008-Present, FUNimation (US) Dub)
  • Doraemon (1999-present; Piramcaian DHX Media dub)

Religious Programming

  • Praise from The God (1998-Present)
  • Stories for Christians (2007-Present)

Former programming


  • My Life Me (Canada) [2012-2013]
  • Oggy and the Cockroaches (France) [1999-2015]
  • Totally Spies! (France/Canada) [2002-2017]

Foreign programming (Drama/Soap operas/Sitcom)

  • Friends (United States) [1995-1998]


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