Charlesburg Lake Park is a theme park in Glonisla, El Kadsre. Currently owned and operated by five El Kadsreian families (the Macías family, the Van der Westhuizen family, the Matsushita family, the Reginald family, and the Italo Rosato), it has been a popular theme park for years.


Originally built in 1943 using rides and games imported from Australia, it gained fame after hosting the first ever El Kadsre Grand Prix in 1957 using a street circuit laid out over it's walkways and parking lot. It closed in 1958 after El Kadsre was separated due to the Maori shock. It was reopened in 1965, but it closed again in 1967 due to the tense political situation, and remained abandoned until 1992, when five families made an effort to purchase and restore the park. It reopened in 1995 to huge crowds.

Current rides

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Roller Coasters

Name Year Opened Description
El Kadsreian Speedster 1943 (original)
1995 (reopening)
A wooden rollercoaster built in 1930 by Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters for an amusement park in Bendigo, Australia; it was installed in the park in 1943 after the owners of the park it formerly stood it filed for bankruptcy. In 1981, it was removed from the then-abandoned park and moved to Great Kadsre, also in Glonisla, in 1983 after sitting in storage for one year. It was retired in 1993, and was disassembled shortly afterward. In 1994, it was taken to the then-under restoration park, and reassembled in it's original spot thanks to construction blueprints and patron recollections.
Time Warp 2015 A Premier Rides Sky Loop II roller coaster model.
Wacky Worm 1995 A Preston & Barbieri Wacky Worm roller coaster model with an apple shaped tunnel.
Interstate 555 1995 A Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster.
Jet Coaster Y2K 2000 A D. H. Morgan Manufacturing steel hypercoaster similar to Steel Force at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom.
Muncher 2017 A Bolliger & Mabillard Floorless Coaster.
Sharpshooter 1995 A S.D.C. Galaxi roller coaster. It had previously toured the United States and Canada appearing at several state/county fairs prior to being installed at Charlesburg Lake Park.
PowerSurge 2005 A Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter coaster with a power company theme.
Zskate 1995 A Vekoma Junior Coaster with the standard roller skate shaped cars.
Flattop 1950 (original)
1995 (reopening)
A wooden rollercoaster built in-house by the park in 1950. It's restoration was carried out by 5 different tree-work companies to remove years of moss and wood rot, and was one of the most expensive restoration projects in the United El Kadsreian Nations at the time.
Sagwa: Mountain Run 2012 A wooden roller coaster based off Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat. It was installed in 2012 and was originally located at Fantasy Star in Kuboia, where it was first called Cola-Coaster and then Sagwa's Rickshaw Run.
Super Streak 2003 A Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster.
Hanged Up 2006 A Vekoma Invertigo roller coaster next to Sharpshooter.

Flat rides


Name Year Opened Description
Ali Baba 1995 An A.R.M. Ali Baba ride.
Fireball 1995 A KMG Fireball ride.
Head Flip 2000 A Zamperla Hawk 24 ride.
Rushdown 2003 A pair of S&S Turbo Drop tower rides.


Name Year Opened Description
Crazy Arms 1995 A Huss Swing Around ride.
Tea Time 1995 A Zamperla Midi Tea Cups ride.
Wave Swinger 1995 A Zamperla Wave Swinger ride.


Name Year Opened Description
Charlesburg Lake Park Railroad 1952 (original)
1995 (reopening)
A standard guage-amusement park railroad, built in 1952. During restoration, LORAM Rail Grinders were used to help assist with repairs to the repairable track, whilst most of the old track was replaced.


Name Year Opened Description
Fire Chief 1995 A Zamperla Crazy Bus ride themed to a fire truck
Space Race 1995 A Zamperla Mini Enterprise ride with robots and helicopters.
Rush Jr. 1995 A Moser Hopper ride. Formerly known as "Frog Hopper" (1995-2002).

Former rides

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Name Year Opened Year Closed Description
Top Spin 1997 2018 A Huss Top Spin ride. In its later years it was hardly open due to frequent breakdowns resulting in the park to retire the ride in 2018.
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