Chelsea McNeese (チェルシー・マクニーゼ Cherushī Makunīze; born April 23, 1955) is an American-Mahrian singer/songwriter/musician, best known for being the lead guitarist for the Given Takers. She has produced nearly all of their albums.


McNeese was born in Kansas City, Missouri on April 6, 1955. She grew up in the neighborhood of Westport. The exact date of when she moved to Mahri is unknown, Marshall Fernandez has put the date around mid-1969, whilst immigration papers record her family as having lived near the Sentan-Mahri Border in 1973.

Personal life

Outside of her work with the Given Takers, McNeese has held an annual art show titled My Mind Is Outta Wack, where she exhibits some of her avant-garde pieces. The show made it's debut in 2003, and has been held ever since.

She was married to Mahrian EDM/synth-pop artist Akihiro McNeese in 1994.

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