Cherokee Park (also known as Harrah's Cherokee Park) is an amusement & water park on the Qualla Boundary in Cherokee, North Carolina. It is owned by a joint-venture of Carwardine Parks, Caesars Entertainment and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.


  • Qualla Corners
  • Cherokee Park Midway
  • Kids Kountry
  • Warriors Woods



  • Billy Bob Coaster (2011; A Zamperla family gravity coaster) [Kids Kountry]
  • Cherokee Timber Topper (2021; Vekoma Roller Skater, relocated from the Carwardine Beta cruise ship, albeit with slight modifications to cut costs, like removing several of the waterproof enhancements that were needed when at sea, since they weren't needed anymore)
  • Mind Blower (2003; A Vekoma suspended looping coaster, originally planned to be installed at Paramount's Kings Island as BORG Assimalator in the spot where Batman: The Ride is today until plans changed and was sold to Carwardine Parks for $1 million)
  • Mr. Burns' Wild Ride (2022; A Zierer Launch Tower)

Flat rides

  • Blaster (2003; A Huss Swing Around ride)
  • Hawk (2003; A Zamperla Hawk 48 ride)

Kiddie rides

  • Kids Kountry Carousel (2003)

Water rides

  • Log Rider (2003; A Hopkins Log Flume)

Restaurants and food stands

  • Dairy Queen & Orange Julius
  • Showbiz Pizza Cafe (added 2011; features a Rock-afire Explosion show relocated from Akron Acres (which got a new RAE from a theme park in the UK in 2008) for entertainment)
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