Cherry Bombers (stylized as CHERRYBOMBERS) is a Nishiyamese all-female experimental J-pop band formed in 2005 by Sunny Side-Up Entertainment. The band is comprised of 5 members - Sumiko Okazaki, Umeko Sekiguchi, Satoko Ebisawa, Kyoko Oyakawa and Chimari Yokata.


The band's concept was conceived in 2012 by then-president of Sunny Side-Up Entertainment, Shirosama Uyehara, because he saw the rising popularity of girl groups in Nishiyama at the time. Originally, the band was going to have 3 members instead of 5. PRISM member Kurumi Kawahara and LYNX3 member Uno Miura were considered as members, but they were then drafted into the bands they are currently in not long after. Cherry Bombers made their official debut in March 2013 with their first single, "Cotton Candy Heart", which peaked at #2. The band released their first album later on that same year. As of 2018, Cherry Bombers have released 5 albums. Their 5th, titled "Hey!", is set to release on February 21, 2018.

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