The 'Republic of Choushima' (Japanese: 民主党島王国超島; Hepburn: Minshutō Shima-ōkoku Chōshima), otherwise known as 'Choushima' (Japanese: 趙島; Hepburn: 'Chōshima'), is an island country located in Oceania, located 500km off the western coast of Australia. The capital is Jouheikyo while its largest city is Yukasayo. It is a constitutional monarchy, and the current ruler is King Masashi, having ruled since 2001.

The island was once inhabited by indigenous Maori people, but was largely Japanized in the 19th century and remains a predominantly Asian country, albeit it has a 10% Maori minority population.



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Choushima is a republic country.

In December 19, 2019, following last king was murdered by Tasanalan agent, Choushima's government was changed from Monarchy to Republic.


The country's television networks are: CBS, EBN, AMT, and Six Network.




Classes run from Monday through Friday. Term 1 of any school year begins on the first Monday in October and ends the third Friday in December, where students are given a summer break to accomodate for Christmas and New Year's, plus having January and February off. Term 2 starts on the first Monday in March and ends the third or last Friday in June, where students are given a two-week winter break. Term 3 begins on the first Monday in July and ends the third or last Friday in September, where students are given a week-long spring break before the next school year starts.

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