Christopher Roger Carwardine (October 2, 1937 - April 16, 2020) was an American entrepreneur and the founder and long-time CEO of Carwardine Parks, and also was chief experience officer (CXO) of Grupo Wágner from 2009-2020.


Christopher was born in Hillsboro, North Dakota. His mother was of Ojibwe Indian descent and his father was of English and Norwegian descent.

He graduated from Virginia Tech in 1964 at age 27, he met his wife, Hiroko Carwardine (Formerly Hiroko Hashimoto) in technology class. They married shortly after their graduations.

Christopher was a notable real-estate agent in the Richmond, Virginia area, best known with his advertising slogan "Chris Carwardine will sell it!", and also known for entertaining visitors to open houses with his comedic stylings.

In 1978, he bought a disused landfill in Newport News and cleared the site to begin the construction of Carwardine Colony, which took 2 years to build on that very site. It opened in 1980, and was described by Coasters as "America's Best New Theme Park of 1980".


  • His appearance inspired Lyle Lanley from the Simpsons.
  • In 1986, He lost his glasses at Carwardine Colony, they were found in 2011.
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