Chuck Chesney (born August 17, 1964) is a American puppeteer, puppet maker/designer, actor and voice actor. He was born in Williamsburg, Virginia and is currently based in Manhattan, New York City.


Chuck Chesney was born August 17, 1964 in Williamsburg, Virginia, the son of marionette performer Neil Chesney. His brother Adam Chesney also works with the Muppets. Chuck was raised a Lutheran, and considers himself to be part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

At the age of 19, Chuck was hired by Sesame Place. As the years progressed, he would end up performing Bert and Big Bird at the park. In 1987, Chuck, then 22 years old and attending Rutgers University–Newark, attended a Muppeteer's workshop. Chuck ended up auditioning for and then performing the role of Cordial in the television film The Muppets & The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and a year later in 1988 he performed additional characters in the Kermit's Magic Hour pilot. Both projects were made for FOX at Northstar International Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Chuck later performed in multiple Muppet projects throughout the 1990s, including performing Kermit the Frog to a vocal track recorded by Steve Whitmire in the 1996 Muppet USA Mall Tour and performing full-body Muppet characters such as Plaza Sésamo's Abelardo Montoya in his guest appearance in Kids for Character: Clubhouse Tunes. In addition to his Muppet work, Chuck remained active as a freelancer, including working in puppet design & build for several TV shows & movies and programming animatronic heads for Fuse Special Effects's costumes for Redwall live shows. He also provided the voice of Wilbur in The Rescuers on the Case (taking over the role from the late John Candy).

Currently, Chuck does various puppetry work as well as working at Jim Henson's Creature Shop in New York City and Freelance Puppets NYC in Yonkers, New York as a puppet designer & maker. He designed "Devino", the New York Creature Shop-created, Muppet-like mascot of MatsuMedia. Chuck mainly specializes in full-body Muppet characters. He has also volunteered his original characters at member congregations of the Metropolitan New York Synod.

Personal Life

In 2011, Chuck married stage actress/dancer Barbara de Rijke in New York City at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Manhattan. The two met while working on the Kids for Character specials and began dating in 2007.

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