Chuck E. Cheese's Eruowood is the Eruowoodian version of Chuck E. Cheese's.


The chain began operations in 1984 under the "Showbiz Pizza Place" name and the ownership of SPT Eruowood Co, Ltd.

In 1989, the Eruowoodian operations of the Showbiz Pizza Place chain were closed, then reopened under the "reunified" Chuck E. Cheese's brand. Titular mascot character Chuck E. immediately took the space of Rolf DeWolf, performing alongside the other Rock-afire Explosion animatronics until 1993 when a late Concept Unification leads to the rest of the RAE characters being removed and replaced with Chuck E.'s rightful "bandmates".

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  • Helen Henny is simply known as "Helen" in Eruowood.
  • Chuck E. Cheese's predecessor, Pizza Time Theatre, had multiple (albeit mostly failed), attempts to enter Eruowood, including Pasqually's Pizza Arcade, in which Pasqually was the mascot as a "giant gray rat" wasn't appealing to Eruowoodians at the time.
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