The Maddoxian version of Chuck E. Cheese's is a localized version of the American family entertainment center chain of the same name. The first Maddoxian Chuck E. Cheese's opened in 1985.

Animatronics and stages

Studio C

  • Alpha (2002–present, the first one is in the Green Line CEC when it opened June 21, 2002, it has it's second location opened on September 2002 and had official support in Maddoxia that November., 25 locations)
  • Beta (2003–present, 40 locations, 11 with 32 movement and 29 with 16 movement)
  • Cappa (2006–present, 10 locations)


  • 3 Stage (1990–present, the 60 Showbiz locations, 35 still in operation)
  • CU 3 Stage (2002, in the exterior of the Green Line CEC, only 1 ever built)
  • 2 Stage (1992–present, 18 built, 4 still in operation)
  • 1 Stage (1990–present, 43 built, 15 still in operation)
  • 4-Stage Alpha (2002–present, 9 built)

Other Stages

  • Circle of Lights (2013–present, 11 built and still in operation, 2 with 32 movement, 5 with 16 movement, and 4 with no bot)
  • Chuck E. Live Dance (2011–present, 13 built and still being built today)

Retired Stages

These animatronic stages have have been phased out in Maddoxia.

  • Balcony (1985-1999, Made with the first Chuck E Cheese location in May 1985, 21 built, replaced by 1 Stages)
  • C-Stage (1987-2003, 21 built, replaced by Studio C Betas)
  • Rocker (1985-2013, first built with the third location in October 1985, 9 built, second to last closed in 2010 with the store and the very last closed in 2013 to be replaced with a Circle of Light stage)
  • Road Stage (1990-2015, 23 built, the last closed down in April 2015 to be replaced by the 5th Rock A Fire Returns Pizza location)


  • The only CEC with 2 animatronic stages is the Green Line CEC, which has the 3 stage outdoors below the Metro Station and the Studio C in the back.
  • The Maddoxian Chuck E. Cheese's chain still use tokens for arcade games on coin-op rides in all locations instead of the Play Pass cards.
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