Cicmpillici is the fourth-largest city in El Kadsre. Located in the eastern coast of the island, it was formerly part of Vicnora prior to te Eight-Day War and it has a second largest Vicnoran community in El Kadsre, with Capulco being the first. Cicmpillici also hosts the World Championship Rally El Kadsre since 1987, which is El Kadsre's largest and most famous rally race. It is a coastal beach city near the Pacific Ocean.


Early Years 32AD-1969

Cicmpillici was settled by Vicnoran tribes during the 1st century AD. During the early Vicnoran Kingdom era, Cicmpillici was the biggest city in the country before most of the urban area was sunken by the 1471 earthquake.

During the Eight-Day War, Cicmpillci was annexed by troops of KSR, Mahri and Venezuela and the end of the war left Cicmpillici in El Kadsre.

Vlokozu Union 1969-1989

Less than the week after the formation of the Vlokozu Union, the city was renamed to Vloksville to solve the issue with people having difficulties pronouncing Cicmpillici properly and several train stations were built in it to send tourists and residents to El Kadsre City. Several more casinos were built starting in the mid-1970's as Michael Vlokozu had learnt of heavy Vlokozuian traffic to Las Vegas, and he feared the country's own Parlitons casino would be "extinct soon".

The city hosted the 32nd Kadsreian Song Contest in 1988 at the Parlitons Hotel and Casino.

Modern History 1989-present

In 1993, Vloksville's name was changed back to Cicmpillici. Currently this city is known for it's famous tourist spots including the Valkyries Valley and Joshvale Island


The football club Cicmpillici SC is a team in the El Kadsreian Premier League and they play their home games at the Municipal Stadium.

The city hosted the 2002 Kadsreian Summer Games along with Danfield, Makohiro, Romrac, Capulco, and El Kadsre City.

The Cicmpillici Phantoms are a baseball club from the city, playing in the EKBL as of 2018.


Notable People


The city's population is about 5,233,121. (2019 estimate)

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