Circlia (Officialy known as the Commonwealth of Circlia) is a country in Asia located near the west of the country of China. It had a border wall so Chinese people can't get there until 2017. Circlia is a member of the United Nations, AFC and NATO.


Early years (1880-1970)

in the 1880's, a island was suddenly formed near, but not bordering China. It had no people at the time. The island was named Circlia and spoke a mysterious language called Circlie (which later became Circle). For strange reasons, China banned the language. Later after, 17 humans came to the country, and made the border wall.

Last year of fight (1970-1971)

After China, United Kingdom, and Circlia went into a violent fight, they made the border wall complete, and no one could enter the country without permission. Chinese people were sad. This meant that Circlia got independence from the UK.

Modern Circlia (1971-present)

After the fight, Circlia went to a calmer temperature again, and started being a good country again, Many stores and television networks were introduced at the time.

After Circlia discovered eletronics, Circlia went to the past to the future. The border wall with China was destroyed in May 2017, following the ban of the TV series Winx Club.


Their language is Circle, a well-known language on El Kadsre, which is currently banned in foreign countries (execpt for Japan), which is all-known for dubbing, voice-overing, and typing. Like for example, the British cartoon "Hey Duggee" is dubbed as "Heyo! Duggy" and airs on CBT4Kids. Another example is the film "All Dogs Go to Heaven" is dubbed as "Dogsu Ga Msa Cel" which means "Dogs Go to Heaven". However, video games remain in English, and some are in Circle. Greeny Phatom's title wasn't dubbed at all.


  • Most Circlians speak Circle and English, the 2 official languages


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People and trends

  • Driving age is 18, but you can only read the manual if you are 17 or under.
  • Minium employment age is 16.
  • The minium age to use FANDOM is somehow 9.
  • There is too many LGBT people on it.
  • The voting age is 13.
  • Drinking age is 20.
  • Smoking tobacco is illegal in Circlia

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