Circlia Media Rating Board or Bordazze Rating op Media op Circlia (shortened often to CMRB or BROMOC) is the rating board of Circlia.



General programming, like news and sports programs are not rated.

  • P (Preschool) is targeted towards the youngest audience (0-6).
  • AA (All Ages) is suitable for anyone.
  • PG (Parental Guidance) parental guidance is suggested for people under the age of 8.
  • M (Mature) is only suitable for ages thirteen and up. Contains low-to-high violence, none-to-low general profanity, and a bit of nudity and gore.
  • AT (Adult Time) is targeted towards the adult audience.
  • XXX (Porn) is only used for porn.
  • B (Blocked) This rating means that it's blocked from airing on TV or cinemas.


  • Sesame Street and related shows like Elmo's World are rated P.
  • Pong, the first ever game to be rated by the CMRB, is rated AA.
  • Most episodes of Pingu are rated P or AA, but controversial episodes are rated PG.
  • Super Mario Bros. is rated AA.
  • Most JumpStart games are rated P, but 3rd Grade and 4th Grade are rated AA.
  • BFDI is rated AA.
  • Most South Park episodes are rated M, some are rated AT.
  • The Rowdyruff Murders is rated AT, but Seasons 1-2 are rated PG.
  • Cindi and Friends is rated P.
  • Most Kantasy cartoons are rated AA.
  • Xoshi games are rated AA.
  • 2 Girls, 1 Cup is rated XXX.
  • The Simpsons is rated PG, Contrivisal episodes are rated M.
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