Circlia TV (commonly known as just CTV) was the replacement to OBT, however OBT Networks LLC still exists. It was founded in 1969, but the channels were launched in the 80's. CTV-WB and CTV Kids were introduced in 1999-2000 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of CTV.

In 2017, Circlia TV and OBT got merged for unknown reasons.


In most channels, mixed programming is shown, which includes news, comedy programs and sports. CTV-WB airs acquired programming from The CW, while CTV Kids shows programming for kids only.


  • CTV1, launched in 1982
  • CTV2, also launched in 1982
  • CTV3, launched in 1989
  • CTV-WB, introduced in 1999
  • CTV Kids, launched in 2000.

Merging controversy

When CTV and OBT got merged in 2017, many OBT fans were unhappy with the merging.


This is the complete schedule since December 2018.


  • They are very similar to El TV Kadsre, due to the schedule thing.


The website shows the information about the company, the schedule for the channels, and the channel's websites.

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