Cisledis is a city in the USA that has celebrities like Karson Druafon, Fhijue Sammertha, and many others. Cisledis is one of the competitors of many industries and the city made Vermont famous, but due to the rising industries in the El Kadsreian Islands, Industries in the El Kadsreian Islands destroyed the competitions, causing the population of Cisledis to move to Vlokozu Union and other countries in the El Kadsreian Islands instead of moving somewhere else in the USA and this also caused the population of Cisledis to slow down. City debt is starting to pile up during the 80s since the politics in the USA is starting to change, overspending is becoming a problem in Cisledis, Democratic politicians starting to liberalizing the city and its laws and the process of deindustrialization, economic decline, population loss and suburbanization.

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