Cliffstown is a border city in El Kadsre. Cliffstown is separated into West Cliffstown in West El Kadsreian State and East Cliffstown in East El Kadsreian State. East Cliffstown is famous as a major center of film & television production in the El Kadsreian Islands.


Cliffstown was founded in 1943 as Kurifushi during World War II. During its early years, Cliffstown was usually populated by British, Italian, and Chinese emigrants along with Soviet refugees.

In 1950, after the establishment of El Kadsre, Kurifushi was renamed to Cliffstown.

During the separated El Kadsre era, Cliffstown was controlled by the United States government as a "safe zone" between West and East El Kadsre. It was divided into West Cliffstown and East Cliffstown by the Cliffstown Wall, built by the United States so both governments could not fight in Cliffstown.

In the Vlokozu Union era, railway lines were built to bring tourists to the town. The Cliffstown Wall was partially demolished at a cost of US$500,000,000 and the majority of bricks reused for the stairways in the Cliffstown Spectrum, designed as one of the largest arenas in the Union.


  • Victoria Primary School
  • Konbe High School


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