Colorado Canyon is a theme park in Evergreen, Colorado, owned by Carwardine Parks.



Roller coasters

  • Dragon Mountain (1999)
  • Kitty Coaster (1999; A Vekoma Junior Coaster) [Kids Kountry featuring Garfield]
  • Mr. Burns' Wild Ride (2022; A Zierer Tower Launch Coaster)
  • Wild Mouse (2001; A Maurer Wild Mouse "Left" Model) [Colorado Midway]

Flat rides

  • Garfield's Nightmare (2002; An old mill dark ride made by Hopkins) [Kids Kountry Featuring Garfield]
  • Scrambler [Colorado Midway]

Kiddie rides

All kiddie rides located in Kids Kountry Featuring Garfield

  • Mouse Chase (1999; A Zamperla Mini Jet ride with mice)
  • Pounce Bounce (1999; A Zamperla Jumpin' Tower 16 ride)

Splashtown Colorado

  • Breckenridge Summit (1999; ProSlide FreeFall, originally had 2 sides, before one became the Glenwood Gusher)
  • Bronco Bowl (1999; ProSlide ProBowl, first of it's kind in the Rockies)
  • Glenwood Gusher (2019; ProSlide SkyBox trapdoor slide)
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