Combat Zone Wrestling is a independent Magisterian professional wrestling promotion owned by John Carell, It showcases a brand of Hardcore wrestling dubbed as "Ultraviolence". Ladders, tables, steel folding chairs, thumbtacks, barbed wire, weed whackers, light tubes, glass panes and fire are all common elements of "ultraviolence wrestling" in UZW, The company also featured Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) stars like The Sandman, Taz and more. It made a special ECW-CZW show in the ECW Arena.

CZW had a brief working agreement with Extreme Championship Wrestling.


Name Date established Date retired
CZW Heavyweight Championship 1996 TBA
CZW Violent Television Championship 1998
CZW World Deathmatch Championship
CZW Tag Team Championship 1999



Program Premiere date Last aired Network
CZW Deathmatch Night 1996 TBA PTV



  • CZW The Hardcore Tournament I (October 4, 1998)
  • CZW Blood and Guts (November 1, 1998)
  • CZW Seasons Beatings (December 20, 1998)

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