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Come On, Come On is a song by American singer Kristen Dez. The song was released on October 27, 2006, and has been recognized as one of Kristen Dez's most English version songs.

The song spent seven weeks at number ten in El Kadsre, and outside, was a top 40 hit in several countries


Kristen wrote some lines in December 2005 and began to produce the song two months later. She stated in a 2008 interview on Peace, Thomas said "I tried using a guitar, but the beat just wouldn't get to what I wanted, so I just used the computer. It was a pain in the neck to handle, but I got used to it, eventually."

Kristen recorded the Simlish version of the song for the game titled The Sims 2 Pets.

Music video

The song has two music videos. The Alexonia, El Kadsre and Japan music video simply features Kristen in her park in Caelum. The original video was only ever aired once, uploaded to YouTube on June 30, 2006.

A later music video was uploaded to YouTube on July 15, 2006, which has over 12 million views. The international video features Kristen touring around Bunbury, Western Australia, and causing havoc everywhere.


Chart (2006โ€“07) Position
Canada (Canadian Hot 100)
El Kadsre Indie Chart (Official El Kadsre Charts)
El Kadsreian Top 100 (Official El Kadsre Charts)
Jetania (Kids Top 30)
Jetania (OJC)
Kuboia (Karuboia)
Chart (2018) Position
El Kadsre Heatseekers (Official El Kadsre Charts)
El Kadsre Indie Chart (Official El Kadsre Charts)