The Comoeys is an archipelago located south of the East El Kadsreian State that was created after the 1871 eruption of Mount Comoeys and settled in also immediately afterwards. Comprising of 10 islands, only 7 were inhabited.

Comoeys' islands are mostly named after leaders of the Allied Powers of World War I, while North and South Comoeys Islands were named after the extinct stratovolcano Mount Comoeys.

The main cities of the islands, South Comoeys City and North Comoeys City, share a mayor but use a totally different government on either side.

List of islands

  • North Comoeys Island
  • South Comoeys Island
  • Taisho Island
  • Asuka Island
  • George Island
  • Wilson Island
  • Clemenceau Island
  • Albert Island
  • Hughes Island
  • Massey Island
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