Not to be confused with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The Conlandia Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is the national public broadcasting corporation of Conlandia. They operate television channels and radio stations that broadcast nationally around Conlandia and the AsiaTV television circuit operating in its origin country and 20+ others.


Broadcasting in Conlandia began in 1923 with experimental broadcasts by station 5XE with morse code transmissions on wavelength of 1145 metres (or approximately 261 kHz). These transmissions were messages between Gegrunga Johnson of the University of Conlandia and Jekru Gabeia of Emerald City University.

The Conlandia Radio Company began broadcasts on the night of February 6, 1929 after sending test transmissions from stations:

  • 1KE Emerald City (535m)
  • 1QW Logrant (333m)
  • 1EE Sapphire Bay (344m)
  • 1FU Kemser (468m)
  • 1YJ Cofad (416m)

After some expansions the company was purchased by the government in 1939, and was renamed the Conlandia Broadcasting Corporation on January 29, 1940.

Television broadcasts began on November 5, 1950 in Emerald City, followed by color broadcasts on CBC and CBC2 in 1966.

CBC had a role in the introduction of digital television in Conlandia in 2003, and switched off their analog transmitters on September 7, 2011.


Channel Launch date Format Notes
1950 General Formerly CBC-TV (1950-1966)
1966 Educational
CBC News
1993 News
CBC Love
1998 Entertainment
CBC Know
1995 Documentaries
CBC Kids
1998 Kids
CBC Sports
2000 Sports


Station Launch date Format Availability Notes
CBC National
1940 General interest AM, FM, digital, online Formerly Conlandian National Radio (1940-1989)
CBC Local Radio
1944 Local news/talk/music AM, FM, digital, online Formerly Conlandian Local Radio (1944-1989)
CBC Triple V
1976 Alternative/rock/dance FM, digital, online Formerly CBC RockRadio (1976-1989)
CBC Culture
1976 Classical/jazz FM, digital, online Formerly CBC Fine Music (1976-1989)
CBC NewsRadio
1983 News/parliament AM, FM, digital, online Formerly Conlandia Parliament Radio (1983-1989)
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