The Conlandia Rating Board (CRB) is the content rating system in Conlandia. They assign ratings to television shows, movies, and video games in Conlandia. Their purpose is to protect children from seeing harmful or inappropriate content.

It was founded on the July 5, 1949, originally rating films, before starting to rate TV shows in 1957 and video games in 1988.

The rating system has come under some controversy due to the ratings of some shows, films and games, and due to the restrictiveness of the rating process historically.

The rating system also applies to streaming and gaming services like Netflix and Steam.

It is an federal offence to purchase underage content without adult accompaniment, which can be punished by a large fine of 2000 Conlandian dollars.

Its the rating board for Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Vustrela, and Pansaura aswell


Rating Image Introduced Description
Conlandia Rating G
1949 Content appropriate for everyone, with little violence and no profanity or sexual content. Nothing that would offend parents of young children.
Parental Guidance
Conlandia Rating PG
1960 Content suitable for those 10 and older, younger children should be accompanied by parents. Contains mild violence and/or sexual context, with little profanity or drug references.
Conlandia Rating M
1949 Content suitable for those 12 or older, however is not restricted. Parents should be strongly cautioned. Contains moderate violence and/or sexual content, with some drug/alcohol use or simulated gambling.
Conlandia R12
Conlandia R15
Conlandia R18
1949, 1965 (R15), 1977 (R12) Content suitable for those 12, 15 or 18 years or older. The limit was 16 until 1965. Children under those ages are not admitted unless accompanied by a parent/guardian, and must show ID if over the limit. Content may contain strong violence, profanity, sexual content, nudity, drugs and alcohol and real currency gambling.
Conlandia Rating X
1949 Subset of the 18 rating, contains graphic adult content and graphic sex. Minors are not allowed regardless of parental supervision. Most cinemas, consoles and stores do not sell material classified X.
Conlandia Banned
1949 The content is banned from Conlandia due to extreme controversy or local laws.

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Rating process

The CRB rates content with the use of 3 professional raters. First, a copy of the show or film is sent to the board, or a copy of some parts of a video game is sent. Whole video games aren't usually sent as they can be long and tedious. Films are rated after a single screening, and games are rated after two playthroughs. After rating, the rating is sent back to the studio and the film/game is released.


Restrictive ratings

The ratings of some films and games have been under controversy due to the restrictiveness of the old system. Certain games like the To Heart series from Drillimation have been rated 18, angering fans in Conlandia. This was mainly due to the cutscene in which Tsukasa Hiiragi is painted "inappropriately", as demmed by the CRB. After much protesting and letters of complaints, the Board eventually let the game off with an M rating, along with a description of what is in the game. This also occurred with GTA San Andreas, which was banned until Rockstar re-released the game without the Hot Coffee Mod. Since those occasions, the Board has seriously lightened up when it comes to their ratings.

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