The Continental Broadcasting System is a Magisterian free-to-air television network owned by the CBS Network Inc., It was launched as the Chronicle Network in 1960 but rebranded to Continental Broadcasting System in the following year.

It was the 3rd major television network in Magisteria until TV5 was launched on January 3, 1963, making CBS the 4th major television network, It is also know as the enemy of TV5 since it wars on the ratings with TV5.


Early years (1960-1970)

The Continental Broadcasting System was launched on March 1st, 1960 as the Chronicle Network, It is the 3rd major television network at that time and it gained success by defeating MBC and MBN (now 9), but it was defeated in 1970 by MBC presented a new show called "Lunchtime Talk", It defeated CBS's 12 o'Clock at CBS' 14.5%, Lunchtime Talk earned a 28% and Lunchtime Talk was undefeated until 2007 when Lunchtime Talk stopped airing after 36 years of dominating Magisterian television. 12 o'Clock at CBS is still running since 1965 making it the longest-running noontime program, followed by Student Canteen, Good Afternoon, Magisteria! and Wowowillie.

Near bankruptcy (1978-1979)

CBS almost declared bankruptcy on November 9, 1978 when it was on debt for $8,850,000.60, It was still struggling until September 1979 when the debt was finally paid.


It is still on air, and still the 4th major television network.

Current and Former Programs

Variety shows

  • 12 o'Clock at CBS (1965-present)


  • Heaven or Hell (2005-present)
  • The Hell's Kitchen (Magisteria) (2017-present)

Game shows

  • Bullseye (1997-present)
  • The Price is Right (2000-present)
  • Press Your Luck (2007-present)


  • What a Wonderful World (2005-2014)
  • 17th Century (2017-present)
  • My Family and Friends (2019-present)
  • The Dragon Warrior (2019-present)

Talk shows

  • The Madrazo Show (1996-present)
  • Recently This Morning! (1999-present) (News-talk show)


  • Primetime News (1961-present)
  • Twenty-Four Hours (1978-present)


  • Wildin' Out (2009-present)
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