The Countryball Empire is the longest reigning empire still an empire today.

Early History

Dating to atleast 170,000 BC, were 4balls. 4balls were just like Homo Sapiens. They met with Neanderthalballs, and survived an ice age, and then later went to invent a society. During time, 4balls evolved into classified Caveballs: 1Balls (Depicting Asians), 2Balls (Depicting early Indo Europeans, Uralics and Turks), 3Balls (Depicting Native American tribes such as Cherokee), 7balls (Depicting Native Islanders), and 8balls (Depicting Native Africans).

By 3300 BC, 4balls have completely evolved into different Caveballs, ending the era of 4balls.


The Caveballs, now developed into intelligents, developed Ancient empires and civilizations, this list includes:

  • Ancient Egyptball, led by a Pharaoh, lasted 2805 years from 3110 BC to 305 BC
  • Iberian Kingdom, established by Parnavaz in 301 BC, lasted 832 years.
  • Ancient Romeball. A mighty and not that advanced civilization lasting from 753 BC to 476 BC.
  • Ancient Greeceball, 801 BC to 146 BC. Known for his Philosophies, Science, Arts and Math.

Chinese Dynasties

Chinaball, with Ancient China and Imperial China, lasted an astonishing 3511 years. Ancient China, was technologically advanced, such as the invention of Gunpower in 900 AD.

Dynasties include:

  • Shang Dynasty
  • Zhou Dynasty
  • Warring States
  • Qin Dynasty
  • Han Dynasty
  • The Three Kingdoms
  • Western Jin
  • Sui Dynasty
  • Tang Dynasty
  • Five Dynasties
  • Liao Dynasty
  • Song Dynasty
  • Ming Dynasty
  • Quin Dynasty (The Final Dynasty)

Kingdom History


Future Empire (2027-5211)


It has often been joked around with saying that the empire is actually UNBall, or that the Countryball Empire is another name for Earth.

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