Countryballia is a country in Edmakasin.


Beginnings (1230-1340)

The species known as Countryballs had emerged and claimed some land which was in Edmakasin. The Countryballs called the land Lozoniak, which means Land of Countries when translated from Countryballese to English.

The First Uprising (1340-1950)

A group of Countryballs started a rebellion against the monarchy, and succeeded.

Lozoniak's government was changed to a democratic government. This government lasted for an extremely long time until 1950, when socialist rebels overthrew the long-lasting democratic government.

Socialism era (1950-1988)

The Socialist Republic of Lozoniak was formed in 1950. Over 450 casualties occurred during this era. In 1988, the citizens had enough of the socialist government and overthrew the socialist government to restore the democratic government from many many years ago. Even though the government was socialist, it brought many restaurants in the country, such as McDonald's. The first video game console released in Countryballia was the Ponolan, a console made by a company called Pono. The Ponolan was a NES clone made in Taiwan, similar to the Dendy console mostly popular in Russia.

Name Change (1988-1992)

When the democratic government was restored, people were coming up of a new name for the country. The chosen name was Countryballia.

Current era (1992-present)

Countryballia's economy became surprisingly high, as well as the population.


Popular television channels in Countryballia are

CTR1, CTR2. CTR3. CTR4. CTR5. and much more.

Restaurants and miscellaneous stuff

Restaurants include McDonald's, Burger King, Nando's, and much more.

Popular video game consoles in Countryballia vary quite a bit. Most of the population of Countryballia usually play on a PlayStation 4, but some of the Countryballs play on the Nintendo Switch. It is quite rare to see a Countryball play on Xbox.

Sega consoles in Countryballia include the Sega Master System, Mega Drive, Saturn, Dreamcast, and for licencing in Countryballia, the Neo Geo.

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