Countryballs: The Animated Series - Poland Cannot Into Soundtrack is the soundtrack to Countryballs: The Animated Series.


All songs produced, composed, written, and performed by Joaquín and Veena Gabaz unless noted.
  1. "Countryballs" - Rinava (written by Ryu Judoku; produced by Joaquín Gabaz)
  2. "Serbia Strong"/"God is a Serb" - Brock Baker as Serbiaball (translated by Muhammetkaliy Sultanbekova and Mohammad Taqi Al-Ajlani; produced by Veena Gabaz)
  3. "Russiaball is Best Ball" - Captain Drat
  4. "Junta!" - Hiro Kanagawa as Chileball, Presbitero Mahi as Brazilball, Rick Jones as Argentinaball, Hörður Faheemsson as Boliviaball, Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Uruguayball, Halil E.P.B. Gumar as Paraguayball, Coty Hodges and Lex Sinclair as Peruball, Akira Yamaguchi as Ecuadorball, and Brock Baker as USAball (written and composed by Reddit's FVBLT)
  5. "Syria!" - Boris Hussein as Syriaball (written and composed by Reddit's Eesti Stronk)
  6. "Türkvizyon Song Contest" - The Kebabballs (written and composed by Reddit's cilicia ball)
  7. "There Once Were Five Guyanas" - Salad Television (written and composed by Reddit's FVBLT)
  8. "Some Things Never Change (Cassette Version)" - Devo (written by Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale; produced by Devo)


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