Crash Bandicoot: Past and Future ​is a 2018 video game developed by Vicarious Visions for PlayStation 4 and celebrates 22 years of Crash Bandicoot and also celebrates Crashs 22nd anniversary.

Doctor Neo Cortex has teamed up with his past self with help from Doctor Nefarious Trophy and has kidnapped all of Crashs friends and family but Modern Crash Bandicoot teams up with his past self to oppose and eventually confront Modern and Classic Cortex and save his friends and family and the universe itself.


Crash Bandicoot Past and Future features a unique gameplay with Modern Crash Bandicoot from Crash Mind Over Mutant who can jump on various Titans and also store them in his pocket and can collect Mojo and also Wumpa Fruit which acts as a health power-up. Modern Crash will have the ability to play Classical levels reimagined for his era with Titans and also Titan bonus arenas are also present in all levels as well.

Classic Crash Bandicoot from Crash Twinsanity is the classical era where Crash runs and breaks crates collects Wumpa Fruit and also life icons and also checkpoint crates and also access to Bonus levels. Familiar classical Crash gameplay reimagined as well.


Modern Cast

Crash Bandicoot: Jess Harnell

Aku Aku: Greg Eagles

Coco Bandicoot: Debi Derryberry

Crunch Bandicoot: Chris Williams

Willie Wumpa Cheeks: Roger L Jackson

Ebenezer Von Clutch: Danny Mann

Pasadena O'Possum: Shanelle Workman-Gray

Yaya Panda: Tara Strong

Doctor Neo Cortex: Lex Lang

Nina Cortex: Amy Gross

Uka Uka: John DiMaggio

Doctor Nitrus Brio: Maurice LaMarche

Doctor N.Gin: Nolan North

Doctor Nefarious Trophy: Corey Burton

Dingodile: Fred Tatasciore

Classic Cast

​Crash Bandicoot: Steve Blum

Aku Aku: Mel Winker

Coco Bandicoot: Debi Derryberry

Crunch Bandicoot: Kevin Michael Richardson

Tawna Bandicoot: Hynden Walch

Penta Penguin: Billy West

Doctor Neo Cortex: Lex Lang

Uka Uka: Alex Fernandez

Doctor Nefarious Trophy: Michael Ensign

John Dimaggio: Tiny Tiger

Dwight Schultz: Komodo Brothers and Koala Kong


Level 1: N. Sanity Beach (Modern and Classic Acts) (From Crash Bandicoot) Character to awaken: Coco Bandicoot (Modern)

Level 2: The Great Gate (Modern and Classic Acts (From Crash Bandicoot) Character to awaken: Crunch Bandicoot (Modern) 

Level 3: Hog Wild (Modern and Classic Acts) (From Crash Bandicoot) Character to awaken: Tawna Bandicoot (Classic) 

Level 4: Heavy Machinery (Modern and Classic Acts) (From Crash Bandicoot) Character to awaken: Penta Penguin (Classic) 

Level 5: The Road to Nowhere (Modern and Classic Acts) (From Crash Bandicoot) Character to awaken: Yaya Panda (Modern).

Boss One: Doctor Nitrus Brio (Modern) Sludge Junkyard (From Mind Over Mutant) 

Boss Two: Koala Kong (Classic) Volcanic Mine (From Crash Bandicoot) 

Sublevel: The Lab (From Crash Bandicoot)

Boss Three: Mecha-Bandicoot: Classic Doctor Neo Cortex. Cortex Island. Character to rescue: Tawna Bandicoot (Classic).

Level 6: Snow Go (Modern and Classic Acts) (From Cortex Strikes Back) Character to awaken: Coco Bandicoot (Classic).

Level 7: Hang Eight (Modern and Classic Acts from Cortex Strikes Back) Character to awaken: Crunch Bandicoot (Classic).

Level 8: Air Crash (Modern and Classic Acts from Cortex Strikes Back) Character to awaken: Ebenezer Von Clutch.

Level 9: Sewer or Later (Modern and Classic Acts from Cortex Strikes Back) Character to awaken: Willie Wumpa Cheeks.

Level 10: Bear It (Modern and Classic Acts from Cortex Strikes Back) Character to awaken: Pasadena O'Possum.

Boss Four: Komodo Brothers (Classic, Cortex Strikes Back.)

Boss Five: Doctor N.Gin (Modern, Mind Over Mutant.)

Sublevel: Piston It Away (From Cortex Strikes Back.)

Boss Six: The Doominator: Modern Doctor Neo Cortex. Mojo Temple, Wumpa Island. Character to rescue: Pasadena O' Possum.

Level 11: Toad Village (Modern and Classic Acts from Crash Bandicoot: Warped.) Character to rescue: Polar and Pura

Level 12: Future Frenzy (Modern and Classic Acts from Crash Bandicoot: Warped.) Character to rescue: Nina Cortex (Classic)

Level 13: Hog Ride (Modern and Classic Acts from Crash Bandicoot: Warped.) Character to rescue: Farmer Ernest  

Level 14: Under Pressure (Modern and Classic Acts from Crash Bandicoot: Warped.) Character to rescue: Nina Cortex (Modern)

Level 15: Bone Yard (Modern and Classic Acts from Crash Bandicoot: Warped.) Character to rescue: Baby T

Boss Seven: Tiny Tiger (Classic) (Rome Arena boss fight from Warped.)

Boss Eight: Dingodile (Modern) (Crash of the Titans DS boss fight.)

Sublevel: Hang em High. (From Crash Bandicoot Warped)

Boss Ten: Doctor Nefarious Trophy (Modern). (Inside heart of Time Vortex similar to Twinsanity Boss fight.)

Boss Eleven: Doctor Nefarious Trophy (Classic). (Inside heart of Time Vortex similar to Warped Boss fight.)

Sublevel: The Great Hall (From Crash Bandicoot.)

Final Boss: The Cortex-Bot: Modern and Classic Doctor Neo Cortex (Heart of dead Universe/Total Event Collapse.)


Modern Crash Bandicoot is relaxing with his sister Coco Bandicoot (Modern), Crunch Bandicoot (Modern) and Aku Aku (Modern) on Wumpa Island by the Bandicoot Home where the fallen Doominator and Cortex's Space Head are also nearby and the Bandicoot family have still not cleaned it up. Modern Crash is also celebrating his birthday with other friends as well including Pasadena O Possum, Ebenezer Von Clutch, Willie Wumpa Cheeks and Yaya Panda but a sudden portal appears on the ground near them and starts to suck in the Bandicoot family and all there friends and the portal is something very similar and all of the Bandicoot family are sucked into it. Meanwhile Classic Crash Bandicoot and Aku Aku (Classic) are walking across N. Sanity Beach on N. Sanity Island and Classic Crash looks at a picture of his former girlfriend and flame Tawna Bandicoot and wishes to repair his relationship with her something that Aku Aku (Classic) agrees a wine bottle washes up on the beach and Classic Crash takes it and there is a letter inside it from Tawna Bandicoot herself who wishes to also reconnect with her former flame. Classic Crash is smitten by the letter and journeys across N. Sanity Beach to get to the Moulin Cortex which is located on Iceberg Lab island but before Classic Crash can depart N. Sanity Island itself he is abducted by the same similar vortex along with Aku Aku (Classic).

Modern Crash awakens in a hyperspace temple along with Aku Aku (Modern) and they both see a portal of N. Sanity Beach/Island with a warp pad they both recognise that this is a familiar image from long ago and also see a figure which is Coco (Modern) who is alseep. Aku Aku (Modern) reckons they need to go back to that time and complete the area in order to awaken Coco (Modern). After completing N.Sanity Beach area Coco (Modern) awakens and all of a sudden the Hyperspace Temple extends and a Warp Room is revealed connected to other Warp Pads. Coco (Modern) reveals that Modern Crash will need to rescue and find Crunch (Modern) then they can figure out whats actually going on.

Modern Crash and Aku Aku (Modern) venture to the next warp pad and see Crunch (Modern) asleep and also a portal of The Great Gate located on N. Sanity Island another location from long ago and proceed into the portal. Classic Crash and Aku Aku (Classic) also proceed into this level as well. After the Great Gate level is completed Crunch (Modern) awakens another Warp Pad is activated and Coco (Modern) tries to figure out what is actually going on but she soon notices this locations are not familiar to her but are to Modern Crash and Aku Aku (Modern). Crunch (Modern) goes to help Coco (Modern) figure out whats really going on while Modern Crash and Aku Aku (Modern) proceed to the next Warp Pad which is the level Hog Wild something that Modern Crash remembers very well as they go in Classic Crash and Aku Aku (Classic) also follow. After completing Hog Wild a figure awakens and Modern Crash recognises her instantly and it's Tawna Bandicoot (Classic) but its somebody from the past for Modern Crash and as Modern Crash and Aku Aku (Modern) try to calm her down as she panics she is sucked into the very same portal and the portal materialises over a giant gateway that's locked. Two more Warp Pads appear and need to be cleared before they can proceed into the giant gateway. Heavy Machinery and The Road To Nowhere are the next levels that need to be completed and as usual Modern Crash and Classic Crash go into them without still noticing each other though there are no figures asleep here. Once these two levels are completed the giant gateway bursts open Classic Crash fights Koala Kong (Classic) while Modern Crash fights Doctor Nitrus Brio (Modern)  who mutants into a giant monster and Modern Crash uses a titan to fight him. Finally Modern Crash and Classic Crash are in The Lab a level they both remember from long ago and see each other at the end and greet each other and so does Modern and Classic Aku Aku but a loud voice taunts the Crash's and Tawna's voice screams for help but only Classic Crash and Aku Aku (Classic) are able to get Tawna as Modern Crash and Aku Aku (Modern) are trapped behind the closed automatic doors.

Classic Crash and Aku Aku (Classic) see Tawna tied up and see the ruined remains of Doctor Neo Cortex's castle another familiar site from long ago nearby and Classic Crash runs to untie Tawna but a massive robot jumps onto the ground and appears. The Mecha-Bandicoot controlled by Classic Doctor Neo Cortex starts to laugh and reveals he used Tawna as bait in order to lure Classic Crash to him and vows to destroy him once and for all and the first boss fight begins Classic Crash must deflect and spin the lasers and missiles back at the Mecha-Bandicoot and eventually this causes the Mecha-Bandicoot to malfunction and explode but that similar vortex abducts Classic Doctor Neo Cortex who starts to laugh and is sucked in along with the destroyed Mecha-Bandicoot. Classic Crash unties Tawna and she kisses and hugs him much to his delight and they return with Classic Aku Aku to the Hyperspace Warp Room.

Modern Crash along with his family see Classic Crash, Classic Aku Aku and also Classic Tawna appear from the giant gateway. Coco (Modern) questions how can they actually be here and thought Tawna dumped Crash years ago. Aku Aku (Classic) reveals they just encountered Doctor Neo Cortex (Classic) who had tried to attack them with the Mecha-Bandicoot and also reveals they were abducted by a strange vortex and also the same vortex took away both Doctor Neo Cortex (Classic) and also the destroyed Mecha-Bandicoot. Aku Aku (Modern) believes Doctor Neo Cortex or somebody is meddling with time itself and as they carry on talking more Warp Pads appear and so does another Hyperspace temple and Coco (Modern) says both Classic and Modern Crash need to work together to open more Hyperspace temples and Warp Pads and see who else is also sleeping and also who is really causing all of this. Modern and Classic Crash proceed to the next Hyperspace Temple area and go to the first level which is Snow Go and awaken Coco (Classic) who was also abducted unknown to both Classic Crash and Aku Aku (Classic) and then to the next level which is Hang Eight and awaken Crunch (Classic) who was also abducted shocking both Classic Crash and Aku Aku (Classic) once again. Air Crash is where Ebenezer Von Clutch is awakened and Sewer or Later is where Willie Wumpa Cheeks is awakened and these are the next levels and the final level is Bear It and Pasadena O' Possum is awakened only to be sucked in by the vortex into the second giant gateway. The second massive gateway opens and Classic Crash fights the Komodo Brothers (Classic) and Modern Crash fights Doctor N.Gin (Modern) and Modern Crash and Classic Crash make it to the level Piston it Away and another taunting voice lures both Crash's to it but only Modern Crash and Aku Aku (Modern) make it there. Modern Crash makes it to the Mojo Temple on Wumpa Island in his own time and finds Pasadena O' Possum tied up and a brand new Doominator which is controlled by Modern Doctor Neo Cortex prepares to crush Modern Crash Bandicoot. Modern Crash uses a yuktopus to fight the Doominator and is able to send it plummeting off of the Mojo temple but the mysterious vortex saves the Doominator which is badly damaged and Modern Doctor Neo Cortex who starts laughing. Modern Crash unties Pasadena and they return to the Hyperspace Temple Warp Room. As everybody gathers together Modern and Classic Coco agree that Doctor Neo Cortex has teamed up with himself somehow using time travel and has placed everybody out of there proper places in time and is also damaging the time streams.

Modern and Classic Aku Aku believe that Uka Uka has also something to do with this and they both travel out into space to track him down. Modern and Classic Aku Aku find both Modern and Classic Uka Uka inside a tropical hyperspace temple relaxing and they both start to laugh as both of the Aku Aku's approach them for information. Both Uka Uka's reveal they have nothing to do with Cortex's plans as Modern Uka Uka fell out with Modern Cortex a while back due to the NV incident and having the Mojo drained out of him and Classic Uka Uka wonders what Mojo is and Classic Uka Uka points out the time travel vortex's enabled him to travel into the future with Classic Cortex and the Cortex's kicked the Uka Uka's out of there plans ages ago. Classic Uka Uka laughs he had to pull Classic Cortex out of Classic Crash's ear which was full of wax and they both start laughing. The Aku Aku's then realize that there is only one person capable of time travel. Doctor Nefarious Trophy who created the time twisting machine years ago must of created the time travel vortex's that abducted everybody and helped Cortex team up with his past self. With this information the Aku Aku's return to the Hyperspace Warp Room to tell everybody else. Modern and Classic Coco then notice that N. Trophy must be nearby and must have all of the information they need with this Modern and Classic Crash have there work finally cut out and proceed to find N. Trophy.

Modern and Classic Crash proceed to the next Warp Pad and the first level is Toad Village and after completing that level they go to next level which is Bone Yard followed by Future Frenzy, Hog Ride and finally Under Pressure. After these levels are completed the third gateway is unlocked and Classic Crash must fight Tiny Tiger (Classic) while Modern Crash fights Dingodile (Modern). After these bosses are defeated both Modern and Classic Crash go through the level Hang em High and are confronted by Doctor N. Trophy (Modern) who slows down time and shatters the entire level into a vortex the very thing that had abducted everybody else and this sucks both Modern and Classic Crash into a spiral of portals and vortex 's and all of the levels both Modern and Classic Crash have completed can be seen. Modern Crash then lands on a platform and battles Doctor N. Trophy (Modern) in a climatic battle involving titans and N. Trophy (Modern) is defeated this causes a rupture in the fabric of the vortex itself and allows Modern Crash to escape with a titan. Classic Crash lands on platforms and battles N. Trophy (Classic) who shatters them and fires lasers and balls of light at Classic Crash and Classic Crash has to deflect balls of light so they hit N.Trophy (Classic) and Classic Crash also has to reach him and also spin at him to eventually defeat him. After N. Trophy (Classic) is beaten the vortex starts to implode and rupture again and also collapse an opening allows Classic Crash to escape and re-join with Modern Crash.

Both Modern and Classic N. Trophy also arrive as the vortex spits them out but they are both badly damaged. Both Modern and Classic Aku Aku interrogate them for information and demand to know what's really been going on both N. Trophies reveal they have so much power due to binding with time itself and also with Mojo something that Classic N. Trophy is not familiar with but Modern N. Trophy is. The N. Trophies helped both of the Cortex's out with time travel and enabled them to abduct and kidnap and also place all of Crash's friends and family in a form of stasis and also helped Cortex meet his past self as well. Both Aku Aku's want to know where they can find both of the Cortex's and the N-Trophies start laughing and say that the Cortex's can never be stopped and are located at the Great Hall another familiar place from the past. But suddenly a giant hand kidnaps all of Crash's friends and family and they start to scream for help and another giant vortex opens up and Modern and Classic Crash run towards it.

Inside both Modern and Classic Crash find themselves inside the Great Hall and all of there friends and family are in stasis yet again. As Modern and Classic Crash jump on the silver gem platforms they see a giant robot hovering outside which is the Cortexbot a massive giant robot and it is piloted and controlled by Modern Doctor Neo Cortex and Classic Doctor Neo Cortex. Modern Cortex reveals this is his greatest scheme ever meddling with time and after the failure of the NVs Modern Cortex teamed up with Modern N. Trophy and together they were able to master time travel more properly than they achieved in the past thanks to Mojo as well. Classic Cortex makes out they toyed with the Crash's all along and intend to destroy both Modern and Classic Crash Bandicoot for good and also vow to destroy the entire universe and Earth itself and conquer it and also remake it in there own image. The Cortexbot launches itself into the air and crushes the Great Hall into pieces with it's giant hands and this causes Modern and Classic Crash to fall into the abyss below with there family and friends and the Cortexbot causes a total event collapse causing the universe to come to an end and also collapse. Modern and Classic Crash are floating in a universe that has now just ended but they manage to awaken and Modern and Classic Aku Aku grant there powers and invincibility to both Modern and Classic Crash who are now powerful enough to confront and destroy the Cortexbot. Modern Crash harnesses the power of Mojo while Classic Crash uses the Crytsals, Gems and Relics as a power source to harness.

The Crash's fly towards the Cortexbot and prepare to fight it but the Cortexbot has an army of Lab Assistants in planes and also titans that have the power to fly but the Crash's are able to avoid these and start to attack Cortexbot. It's a climatic battle through what is a dead universe but the Crash's are able to shatter and destroy Cortexbot causing it to explode and the Crash's then go supernova to restore the universe itself. The remains of the Cortexbot collapse onto the Hyperspace Warp Room and a chain reaction is created but the supernova pushes it all out of existence itself creating another mini supernova. Modern and Classic Cortex emerge from the wreckage of the Cortexbot and find themselves as prisoners of time again much to there annoyance and they both start to argue but notice escape is virtually impossible. The Universe is now fully restored thanks to the effots of Modern and Classic Crash and they witness it undergo a new recreation.

The restoration of the universe allows everybody who was misplaced from there time streams/timelines to be placed back into there own time and place. Modern Crash awakens on Wumpa Island and sees Coco (Modern), Crunch (Modern), Pasadena O'Possum, Ebenezer Von Clutch and Willie Wumpa Cheeks looking at him and Aku Aku (Modern) also looks at Modern Crash and smiles. Modern Crash sees a vortex and through it N.Sanity Beach and Classic Crash his past self and Modern Crash walks up to the vortex and waves goodbye to Classic Crash, Coco (Classic) and Crunch (Classic) and the vortex then closes. Modern Crash then returns to his friends and family to celebrate his birthday.


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