Crimsonites is a Sallyish animated reality series based on the fictional group Team Crimson from The Drillimation Series. The show explains what it's like to be in Team Crimson, and all of the aspects that newcomers would hear about them. It is the first local animated TV series to have high ratings on Disney Channel in the Island of Sally, as Sallyish people prefer live-action when it comes to local content. The show is also the only cartoon aired on Disney Channel Island of Sally to be subtitled, as it is a reality show.

Susumu Takajima, one of the directors of the show, states that this isn't part of the Drillimation anime, but a spin-off to the main Chuhou Joutai series.


Character Japanese VA English VA (Drillimation) English VA (HG Distribution) Spanish VA (AFDYA) German VA (AFDYA) French VA (France) French VA (Quebec)
Fred Fuchs Norio Wakamoto Fred Fuchs Arthur Holden Jerry Mayer Rudolf Zukor Gérard Hernandez Sébastien Reding
Jack Fuchs Susumu Takajima Kenny James Terrence Scammell Iñaki Eyzaguirre Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. Jean-Claude Donda Michel Perron
Susumu Takajima Himself Karl Augsberger Matthew Géczy Niels Schneider
Kagami Ochiai Herself Jen Taylor Holly G. Frankel Yeong-Suk Jung Geneviève Doang Flora Balzano
Yumi Ochiai Herself Luna Richardson Rubina Matas Herself
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