The discussion website Junkread has been the subject of numerous controversies.



On May 3, 2013, a Kuboia-based Junkreader identified as at-stylisedtitle created a board titled jr-liquidsoap. Despite reaching 1.1 million subscribers, the board was criticized due to its discussions of controversial topics, including Nazis, neo-Nazis, and racial stereotypes. According to Shut Up News, the board was reported 1,286 times, with 539 reports marking "inappropriate topics", 637 marking "harrassment", and 110 marking other reasons. On April 22, Junkread deleted this board and released an apology via jr-junkread.


jr-ninjasaladofficial invasion and spam

In January 2014, a documented 128 users were reported on jr-ninjasaladofficial, NinjaSalad's official board, after said users began spamming the board's main section. 79 users had their accounts suspended.

Krumberpuck strips

Main article: Krumberpuck strip

On October 22, 2014, in jr-comics, a user called at-krumberpuck posted a poorly drawn black humor comic strip. The strip gained popularity, and spent around the Internet. Ever since, strips of that style called "Krumberpuck strips" have been posted.

2015 and 2016

"Wumpum" and "trudy"

Main articles: Wumpum and Trudy (Internet slang)

On May 27, 2015, a user called at-gordonz55 created the term wumpum, which is a derogatory term used to describe Asians without jobs. Another user called at-samakabbi created of the slur trudy, used for African-American women, around this time.

Eckhart images on jr-noreastersunite

On June 15, 2013, a Awagam, Massachusetts native named Roger Knickerbocker (a voice actor and multimedia artist in the Springfield, Massachusetts area), going by the handle at-professionalagawamman, created a board titled jr-noreastersunite as a discussions place for New Englanders, New York residents, Central Canadians, and Canadian Maritimes residents.

On August 12, 2015, a Junkreader from Presque Isle, Maine named at-electricboogaloo611 posted a drawing of Eckhart, the main character of the early 2000s Canadian animated series of the same name, shooting people with an AK-47. Versions of the image spread around the board, some even layering the heads of the people Eckhart was shooting at with the names of some of their real-life rivals; the situation became so severe that within an hour, at-professionalagawamman and fellow moderators at-quebecnordiquesfan and at-hiimpaul kicked 35 accounts off jr-noreastersunite.

A day later, the Presque Isle police went to at-electricboogaloo611's house, and at-electricboogaloo611 was revealed to be a 26-year old artist named Alan le Gall (better known on DeviantArt as TheGrimlockFanboy). He said he drew the original artwork as a response to a troll telling him to "grow up and stop watching stupid-ass baby shows." Alan was let off with a warning from the police.


A board called jr-bananajuice was created on July 17, 2015. The board was credited to a user named at-bananajuicefan51 from the Canada. The board was originally created to be about the BANANAjuice YouTube channel created by Douglas "DigDoug" Apicolez and its podcast, All Juiced Up: The BANANAjuice Podcast.

On January 3, 2016, a user called at-hokujia posted three Krumberpuck strips on the board. A screenshot of it, taken by a user on Twitter called TrumpSucks323, went viral, with more users joining the server to post Krumberpuck strips; the situation became so severe that within an hour, at-bananajuicefan51 and fellow moderators at-shovepaul and at-pbskidsnugget kicked 93 accounts off jr-bananajuice.

jr-slenderman suspension and remakes

On December 4, 2016, jr-slenderman was deleted after a Sentanese Junkreader called at-sentanokami posted six photos of a girl on a noose with her throat slit open, all of which posted with the text:

I Killed My Sis So Slender Man Wont Kill Her
You Should Do The Same

One hour later, the Fusa Police Department arrived at her apartment, and at-sentanokami was revealed to be a 15-year-old girl named Ana Mabipan, and the photo was of a drawing she created.

On December 5, the board was deleted. However, remakes were made, including jr-slendermanstory, jr-slendermanboard, jr-slendermanpasta, jr-slendermanofficial, and jr-slendermanjunkread. All five were deleted on December 6.

2017 and 2018


On February 1, 2017, more than 200 users were kicked off the furry community board jr-furry by moderators for posting uncensored yiff-related images, which violated the board's rules.

On February 2, one of the kicked users, at-yiffyou, made a board called jr-furryass, dedicated to posts about yiffing. As of February 7, 194 users had joined. The board also spawned many Internet memes, including the "anime created furries" meme. A Mexican user called at-elkadsreiscommunist posted "I is love an cute foxgirl", which became an Internet meme.

On May 19, 2018, the board was deleted by administrator at-chris due to complains about discrimination and the board's explicit sexual content.

jr-xbox and jr-minecraft invasion and spam

On March 13, 2018, four Junkreaders known as at-shadyfuckers, at-chineseparadoxfan262, at-bartsimpsonmovies, and at-wumpumchildren joined jr-xbox and jr-minecraft. The group posted photos depicting a man with a Minecraft Creeper hoodie and blackface holding a gun. The photo spread rapidly to the point where the four made it their profile images. another user, at-bartsimpsonmovies made their profile description read:

white man w/ creeper hoodie & black face, hes COMING FOR YOU

The next day, all four accounts were suspended, along with various other spammers on the two boards.

Barney & Friends leak

On October 9, 2018, an account called at-yenrab leaked a camera-recorded bootleg of part of a rough cut of an episode of the then-upcoming Barney & Friends revival. A scene where Baby Bop shouts "Big blankie! Baby Bop loves this big blankie!" became a Internet meme soon afterwards. A day after the leak, the account was suspended.

2019 and 2020

"Bitched to infinity" and Stabber Bluey

Main articles: Bitched to infinity and Stabber Bluey

On September 7, 2019, an El Kadsreian user on jr-hatedoms called at-cancerzodiac wrote a rant on Element Wars, saying:

element wars is gay. fucked. like, really fucked. superfucked. bitched to infinity. seriously, i'm sick of this lgbtabcxyz community making cartoons like steven universe and element wars. element wars is just awful and i'm disappointed in digital spider. digital spider need to fucking die.

The "bitched to infinity" portion spread around the board, becoming a jr-hatedoms phenomenon.

The term became controversial after a user called at-cocainetelevision released an image of Bluey Heeler, the main character of the Australian animated preschool television series Bluey, stabbing his sister, Bingo, and at the bottom is the text "Bluey: Bitched To Infinity" in red Arial Black. Versions of the image with different fonts spread around the Internet, including one posted by a Junkreader called at-sloshyworstchannel, the text "Stabber Bluey" posted with the image. The term Stabber Bluey was then used to refer to these images. Although the Stabber Bluey meme died down in popularity after Bluey distributor BBC began sending cease-and-desist letters to various websites the meme was spreading around (as well as sending a C&D letter to the original fan artist, a Bluey fan on jr-cartoons called at-goat17383 who drew it as a joke), the "bitched to infinity" meme continued in popularity, even after at-cancerzodiac got their account suspended for hate speech on another board, jr-animanga.

at-somethingother, "black to Africa", and "white back to Europe"

On November 29, 2019, a Junkreader called at-somethingother wrote a post in jr-insult reading "I'm sick of negros, they better go black to Africa." The term "black to Africa" became a popular slur. In January 2020, an episode of The Maddox Show Online was titled "Back to Africa" came out. The title was thought to be a pun on "black to Africa", but turned out to be a coincidence.

On April 1, 2020, a user in jr-youtube called at jr-asshole posted:

yall white people think u can tell black people to go 'black' to africa, well go white back to europe

Since then, the term "white back to Europe" has also been used, thusly making the issue worse.

Mario Bros. Views controversy

In December 2019, Junkread suspended a record 348 accounts across 16 boards for posting Mario Bros. Views memes that were deemed to be promoting hate speech/crimes, even going as far as to send several of the suspended users' info to police departments for potential hate speech charges. This move was criticized by some who deemed the memes to be only joking.


On May 1, 2020, an account called at-killyourself leaked images of the upcoming video game Shocka! on jr-gamerhell. How the images were obtained is unknown, but on May 2, 2020, the account was suspended.


Junkread meme

The meme posted by at-lucianobrazilempire04.

On July 1, 2020, a user called at-lucianobrazilempirefan04 posted a meme on jr-dankmemes criticizing Junkread's discussions of politics. On July 3, their account was suspended, and the post became viral. The event caused numerous Junkreaders to organize online protests against memes and critique memes.

Lawsuit by WarnerMedia Entertainment

On July 11, 2020, WarnerMedia Entertainment sued Junkread, Inc. for $13,000,000 after at-ukolidez, an admin on jr-warnerbros, posted "Superjunkfaceboy", an episode of the TBS animated sitcom North Springs, in its entirety without any editing. Junkread, Inc. countersued WarnerMedia Entertainment, saying that they did not post the episode.

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