Kuboian-based Nickelodeon spin-off channel Nick Go! was regularly the subject of heated discussion and disproval during its eleven years on-air. This article looks at notable controversy and criticism the channel faced in its lifetime.


"Brainwashing" and "spoiling" children

Throughout the early and mid 2000s, many (mostly American) sources claimed that children who appeared on Nick Go! programming such as Nick Karaoke Stars were brainwashed into believing they were worldwide superstars, and were spoiled ridiculously badly by the hosts. Rodrick Miles responded to the criticism by agreeing that the children were overindulged, but denied any brainwashing. Ericka Streets, however, responded in 2006 stating, "We want the children to enjoy their time with us. We want them to tell their family about all the wonderful things they did backstage and on television. We don't want to be seen as mean and controlling adults."

Charlie Karma

In 2003, Nick Go! received several complaints regarding Charlie Karma, a "key" presenter on Nick Go! Several parents felt that she had a ”strange desire" for young boys, and that it is too dangerous to have her as a presenter. Charlie herself dismissed the complaints, denying any desire for anybody she had appeared on Nick Go! with.

The criticism was worsened following her marriage to Hyh Rodgers in 2005. Charlie is eighteen years older than Hyh, and Hyh was only fifteen years old at the time.

In July 2005, it was reported that Rodrick Miles had refused Charlie to return as a judge for the fourth series of Nick Karaoke Stars out of concern from the public.

Unprofessional behaviour

In 2003, TBA criticised the hosts of Nick Go!, claiming that they actually unprofessional. In their article, they mentioned how Ericka Streets would frequently pick her nose, play with her hair and get distracted live on television, whilst most of the male hosts would occasionally not wear a top. Ericka responded to the criticism stating, "We do things the way Kuboians do things. We are Kuboians after all."

Child stars

Aourine Esthers

During the early 2000s, Nick Go! received complaints stating that Aourine Esthers was a bad influence on children.


Refusal of access

In 2006, it was reported that a total of seven public areas throughout Kuboia had refused Ericka Streets, Charlie Karma and Blade Holter into their premises, in fear that they would record and/or promote them in a way that would affect theor reputation.

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