VidSpace is a video-sharing website based in El Kadsre founded by former Seymour Games employee Tyrrell Takara.

The website has been the subject of numerous controversies throughout its time.

Non-piracy controversies

Use of VidSpace as a recruitment tool


In 2001, a Shintoist extremist group headquartered in Kadersaryina named Ayoninosre filmed videos and upload them onto VidSpace during the 2001 Clyohrairan terrorist attacks. These videos caused countries in the Kadersaryinan Islands with significant Shinto population to ban VidSpace until the video was removed. Clyohraira is one of the most notable examples because usually the bans was only on VidSpace, but this country is one of the countries in the Kadersaryinan Islands to ban Shintoism entirely, including all of its culture and anything that was inspired by Shintoism.

Team Crimson

VidSpace fell into controversy during the 2002 holiday season due to it being accused of serving as a recruiting tool for the Minecraftian and Shinto extremist group Team Crimson. The Daily Minecraftia reported that the attacks in Rockton, Daiyashin in December 2002 were carried out by Crimsonites using the site, with the main perpetrator pledging his allegiance to Team Crimson through a video he posted the day before the attack.

VidSpace disabled the account of the main perpetrator after he was arrested by the FBI at an airport when he attempted to board a flight from Rockton to Kozankyo. As a response, VidSpace updated its Rules of Conduct stating that terrorist organizations were no longer allowed to use the site for any means, including recruitment.

Further controversy entailed from Las Vegas-based VidSpacer Itsuna Hashimoto, a Japanese-American shrine maiden who mostly made video sermons off the Shinto religion. Following her 2002 release from prison following charges of tax fraud, she had become one of the most influential figures for western Crimsonites to join SPASDOT in Minecraftia. After conducting a review in 2007, VidSpace refused to remove her videos, as they were simply religious sermons on varied subjects of the Shinto religion. In response to the criticism in June 2007, VidSpace updated their policies on extremist videos, while Hashimoto's videos would not be removed but be difficult to find and placed behind warning screens, stating that it has been identified to be offensive to some audiences.

VidSpace v. YouTube

VidSpace, Inc. v. YouTube was a court case filed in 2007 in the United States after VidSpace, Inc. found videos from its users published on YouTube. VidSpace also found that YouTube had stolen VidSpace's website format. The lawsuit was dismissed as YouTube's founders claimed that they had never heard of VidSpace prior to founding YouTube.

Sub botting, view botting, and economic situation with VidSpace and Haderon Fare'eshyi

There were theories behind the channel that Kadersaryinan Islands' Stats is viewboting and sub botting, which caused massive money fraud and revenue fraud in VidSpace's monetization system over time. As a result, VidSpace started to increase the prices for the premium account subscriptions, which progressively increased overtime without announcement. While that happened, his streams now gets almost a balanced amount of likes and dislikes, many people in the community started to hate him, many of them unsubbed the channel, people started to sent him death threats, and some people even attempted to assassinate him in real life, especially the ones from the left-wing community. The controversy was so extreme that people made a petition of wanting the channel to be permanently banned from VidSpace for viewboting, subboting, and the economic situation with VidSpace and Haderon Fare'eshyi, because the channel gained so many views and watch time, that VidSpace is losing more revenue than gaining, while Haderon Fare'eshyi is gaining more than half a billion dollars per year on VidSpace, It went as far as the Government of Kadersaryina doing an investigation on Haderon Fare'eshyi to see if he violated the Antitrust laws in Kadersaryina in the individuals section in 2016 by former Kadersaryinan Prime minister, Austin Grasei. As of 2020, current Kadersaryinan Prime minister, Arltiaga Yubriteu are still continuing the investigation on Haderon Fare'eshyi.

VidSpace's revenue cover-up

In 2020, Vidspace claimed that 2011 to 2016 were the best years on VidSpace based on revenue, which turned out to false, because the revenue had been falling since 2011. The main reason was from the rise of the Kadersaryinan Islands' Stats' channel. Not only did this cause more hatred towards VidSpace for the cover-up they did, but it also caused more outraged against the Kadersaryinan Islands' Stats channel; this includes his new channel, Global Stats, as well as his personal account.

VidSpace's ability to delete accounts

2010: Mass deletion of all Gaburayonese VidSpace accounts

In early 2010, Gaburayon granted VidSpace the ability to delete accounts to people that are from or living in Gaburayon, because they banned VidSpace from the country and wanted all Gaburayonese users deleted from the site forever, including all of the data had to be sent to the Government of Gaburayon to store in a database of all of their citizens, including the ones that fled and escaped the country, and the data can't be kept by VidSpace. The Gaburayonese people who had accounts were outraged, they protested and demonstrated against this action and called the action, "big government socialism" by the Gaburayonese right-wing community and the Gaburayonese VidSpace community.

Political controversies

GamerGate controversy

In 2014, GamerGate soared into popularity. VidSpace was openly pro-GamerGate and banned several anti-GamerGate channels like FeministFrequencyEK, HuffingtonPostKadsre, VoxElKadsre, and several videos that expressed thoughts of GamerGate on channels like PolygonEK. Washington Post Kadsre and The Kadsre Times were deleted, which sparked a major controversy. However, in early 2015, these videos were allowed on the site and the channels were brought back. However, comments and the like to dislike ratio had to be disabled and the tag "Controversial" had to be enabled.

Rise of authoritarianism on VidSpace

In 2015, VidSpace had introduced new terms of service, and they were starting to add more restrictions on content creation, especially on controversial topics, and hate speech. People in the VidSpace community were not happy about this, so people started to criticize VidSpace's new terms of service and VidSpace considered criticism as hate speech, so they deleted all of the videos that criticize it, and they did the same thing with debunking. In the late 2010's, more types of censorship started to emerge such as vague policies on content based on a certain age group because of bad parenting, demonetizing people for various topics (such as supporting the conservative or liberal agenda, going against elites and big corporations, supporting any right-wing or left-wing leaders and/or movements, supporting animal rights activism and/or enviromentalism, promoting atheism and religion, and the separation of science and state), censoring religious-themed content due to the secularization and centristization of VidSpace, terminating fetish video makers' accounts (especially those of belly and fart fetish video makers), and many others. These emerging censorships that rose from certain factors that negatively impact society in general.


2020 Kadersaryinan general election
Almrealf Aubrlaub

Almrealf Aubrlaub had been advertising on VidSpace for the 2020 Kadersaryinan general election, he was banned from advertising on VidSpace for supporting the Pan-Rairan Agreement.

United States

2016 United States presidential election
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders had been banned from advertising due to his political beliefs on immigration at the time. This outraged both left-wingers and right-wingers who supported Bernie Sanders, the ones who planned to vote for Bernie Sanders decided to vote for Donald Trump instead because he lost in the 2016 Democratic Party presidential primaries.

Donald Trump

From 2015-2016, Trump has been advertising on VidSpace to promote his presidential campaign, but 6 months before the election, Trump was banned from advertising on VidSpace and this outraged the American right-wing communities and organizations, pressuring VidSpace to remove the ban on Trump to advertise his 2016 presidential campaign.

2020 United States presidential election
Donald Trump

Trump is still banned from advertising on VidSpace, but American right-wing communities and organizations are still pressuring VidSpace to remove the ban on Trump to advertise his 2020 presidential campaign.

Joe Biden

On July 2020, Biden was banned from advertising for showing support on defunding the police in the United States. This ban shocked far-leftists and the Democratic establishment.

Media bias and political bias

VidSpace was the center of controversy in the mid-2010s after the website deleted a lot of far-right channels. Recently, channels that support progressive beliefs and this also includes the ones that are also the ones from the left were also suppressed and deleted such as:

Notable progressives and progressive leftists/far-leftist that were suppressed and deleted by VidSpace

El Kadsre
United States
  • Andrew Yang (D)
  • Bernie Sanders (D)
  • Elizabeth Warren (D)
  • Joe Biden (D) (originally was a centrist until he became part of the progressive left in July 2020)

Ban of Ethan Woodsan

Ethan Woodsan, creator of RollerCoasterBuilder was temporarily banned from VidSpace in 2017 after openly supporting Donald Trump. This caused an outrage among many conservatives and members of

Ban of PETA

Animal rights organization PETA were banned from VidSpace in 2019 due to controversial content, in addition to Tyrrell Takara openly calling Ingrid Newkirk a "charlatan" and "someone who tries to make animal rights possible but screws up everything instead." Soon afterwards, the film Blackfish and several other pro-animal rights documentaries were pulled from VidSpace Movies.

The Barney Bunch

VidSpace became the center of controversy in the late-2010s after the website began deleting several Barney Bunch video makers' channels. Many Barney Bunch video makers accused VidSpace of ignoring the fact that the videos were parodies and not supporting the real positions and feelings of the video makers.

Pro-Vlokist bias

VidSpace had expressed Pro-Vlokist bias and had excessively funded for pro-Vlokist candidates for the upcoming El Kadsreian federal election.

Anti-piracy measures

Drillimation Studios lawsuit

Main article: Drillimation Studios v. VidSpace, Inc.

When users are on the upload page, users have seen a warning asking them not to violate the Rules of Conduct or any copyright laws. Despite this, there had been numerous unauthorized clips from El Kadsreian shows and anime uploaded to VidSpace, and it's up to the copyright holder to submit a DMCA complaint to remove it. Three successful claims can put a permaban on the offending account. Companies like El TV Kadsre, Drillimation Studios, CinéGroupe, and Mailbox Productions have filed lawsuits over allowing users to upload full episodes of their shows and anime.

In 2002, Drillimation filed mass litigation against VidSpace over large amounts of unauthorized episodes of the anime being uploaded, claiming counterfeiting and piracy. Many of the counterfeits contained Fuji TV, TV Asahi, ABC, Teletoon and even ETVKK screen bugs, mainly from VHS recordings. An anti-piracy measure was implemented where copyright holders can submit full uploads of their films, TV shows, music, and other audiovisual content to scan for counterfeits. When a video containing any of that material is uploaded, the copyright holder must decide whether not to allow the content on the site.

Mailbox Productions lawsuit

In 2004, Mailbox Productions and the BBC filed a lawsuit against VidSpace over full episodes of the English dub of the Sallyish-Amedisan-Irish TV series, Baby Alive. The episodes had a CBBC screen bug in them.

CinéGroupe lawsuit

In 2008, CinéGroupe and Sesame Workshop filed a lawsuit against VidSpace over full episodes of Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat being uploaded to the website. The episodes had PBS Kids Sprout, Jetix Play UEKN, and ETVKK screen bugs in them. The lawsuit was dismissed as most of creator Amy Tan's works aren't copyrighted in El Kadsre, where the website is based.

Cartoon Network lawsuit

In 2009, Cartoon Network filed a lawsuit againist VidSpace over full episodes of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Most of them had the CTV Kids bug on it. The lawsuit was dismissed as Circlia does not copyright the series.

Seizure of MeleeFLACS X by Approach Software and Boycott

Main article: Minecraftia Day Internet Blackout

On May 17, 2009, what became known as the Minecraftia Day Boycott, a popular channel titled MeleeFLACs X, which provided extended video game tracks ran by Canadian-Minecraftian internet entrepreneur Katsuo Nishihara, was shut down by Nintendo's El Kadsreian affiliate Approach Software following allegations that the channel meddled in illegal music downloads to Nintendo's music in FLAC format, which was used to make the extensions. The founder's home in Eirabourne, El Kadsre was raided by SWAT teams, who seized his computer which contained a large majority of illegally copied music from Nintendo soundtracks.

The channel, which had more than 500,000 subscribers, caused immediate unrest among its fans. Upon its seizure, this led to Approach Software's website being hacked, with an image of Flandre Scarlet giving the middle finger and saying "All your base are belong to us!" In addition, the hackers also launched distributed denial-of-service and SQL injection attacks against the websites of the companies that issued DMCA takedowns for certain game soundtracks. El TV Kadsre reported it as one of the worst mass boycotts and protest against intellectual property in history.

There have been numerous attempts to revive the channel on VidSpace, but Nintendo and Approach Software's partnership with VidSpace to counter piracy thwarted numerous attempts to revive the channel up until the partnership was ended in 2017 at the orders of the El Kadsreian government, who claimed it "hurt fair use laws". This led to many of the former viewers heading to YouTube instead, where BrawlBRSTMs3 X (now known as Aacro Xtensions) was established.

Madman Entertainment lawsuit

In 2017, Madman Entertainment, PPE Entertainment and Tatsunoko Production filed a lawsuit against VidSpace due to full episodes of Samurai Pizza Cats being uploaded to VidSpace. Most of the episodes had El TV Kadsre 5 and Boomerang UEKN screenbugs in them. The lawsuit was dismissed as the show was in the public domain in El Kadsre for several years after Saban's rights to the show expired.

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