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    Croeya (IPA: [kɹoeja]) is a transcontinental unitary sovereign state located mainly in South America, with some territories in North America. The official languages are Portuguese and Indonesian. The regional languages are English, Dutch, Afrikaans, Clyohrairan and Javanese.

The capital of the country, Needale, is the largest city in the country and it has 11.7 million residents, while the country has around 47.9 million residents.


Historical affiliations Period
Flag of Spain (1785-1873).png Spanish West Indies 1492-1815
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Croeya 1815-1945
Flag of Croeya.png Croeya 1945-present

Dutch era (1815-1945)

The Dutch fought against the Spanish in Croeya, which after the war, the Spanish agreed to give Croeya to the Dutch. People from Colony of the Saryinans were fleeing from the colony, because they thought it was gonna be fully annexed by Daricajuce, Rairo-Kalmyod Confederacy, Vairarca, and Talitioco, but it didn't, the Treaty of Kadestristch says that the colony wouldn't be annexed fully, but the colony would lose most of the land.

Independent Croeya (1945-present)

After the independence of Croeya in 1945, the Dutch language was slowly phasing out of use over time, but not as fast enough as they thought. In the 1950s, There were Indonesian immigrants in massive numbers, populating Croeya, and spread Islam in the country, even the native tribes of Croeya converted from their native religions to Islam and all other religions. by the 1970s, 55% of the population was Islamic, culture in Croeya was heavily influenced by Islam, it gave the rise of Islamic fundamental and reformist groups and political parties and at the same time, there were secularist parties forming as well. There were left-wing and right-wing secularist parties, the left-wing ones that supported the Communists and the right-wing ones supported a right-wing dictatorship and the United States, trying to suppress any people that converted to Islam. The Croeyan Genocide killed 2.5 - 5 million people that were Islamic under the leadership of Agarekh el-Ubrondah, which he converted himself from Islam to Christianity.


The climate in Croeya is mixed between the Caribbean, Central America and South America.


Croeya has a GDP of CEB36.4 trillion (US$36.2 trillion). The Croeyan Bolt is the currency for the nation.

One of the biggest stock-marketed companies, like Hammertronics, Houndex, Nixa, and Mazesun are all headquartered and based in Croeya.


Croeya has ten states, East Croeyan State, West Croeyan State, Capital of Needale, Tangi'iaenh, Aubiroh, Vay'youi, Akleh, Unviuah, Noorliuah, and Capelatekh.


Croeyan culture is a fusion of Dutch, Islamic, and Croeyan native culture. A sudden Islamic culture fusion came in the late 1960s and onward, eventually influenced all aspects of Croeyan life, politics, cuisine, culture and etc.


The school days are from Monday to Saturday. The school time is 8:00am-10:00am.

The schools are off 1 week for Autumn break, 3 weeks for Christmas or Winter break (December to January), 1 week for Mid-Winter break, 2 weeks for Easter or Spring break, 2 months for Summer break, 1 week of Late Spring break and Eid Al-Fitr.


The national TV Broadcasters are:



The national radio broadcasters are CTC Radio, RTRC Radio, Globeworks, and RMC.

Pay television providers are DirecTV, PixelPlay PixFiber, VOCV, TC Skyco, TC Cableco, and Dish.

Telecommunications providers are Vodacom Croeya, Telkom Croeya, T-Mobile Croeya and Claro Croeya.

Film companies are CTC Pictures, RCT Filmes, Clocktale Film, Silversphere Filmworks, Interart Productions, Zion Studios, and Imagipix Entertainment.

Croeya has the Rating Penasihat Croeya system.


The population of the country is about 47,948,283. (2019 estimate)



  • Croeya's currency is the "bolt".
  • Croeya has two official languages: Indonesian and Portuguese.
  • Croeya has five regional languages: English, Dutch, Afrikaans, Clyohrairan and Javanese
  • Croeya's current population is about 46.3 million people.
  • The marriage age is 18.
  • The driving age is 17.
  • The age for becoming an adult is 18.
  • When referring to something belonging to Croeya, they refer it to as "Croeyan".



  • Croeya has 6 political parties, that were Partai Croeya Universal, Partai Croeya Liberal, Partai Evolusi Croeya, Partai Loyalis Croeya Modern, Partai Komunitas Croeya Baru, and Partai Demokrat Croeya.


The national sports are American football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice hockey, and Soccer.






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