Crossy Road Animated is a British-Canadian CGI-animated web series created and produced by Matt Hall and Andy Sum. Produced by Hipster Whale and Studio Virtual, it is an adaptation of the Crossy Road video game.

On July 7, 2019, the official trailer debuted on Studio Virtual's YouTube channel. The first episode became a popular video, being #1 in YouTube's "Trending" section for an estimation of the first three hours. The show premiered on November 22, 2019.

On April 5. 2020, Studio Virtual announced via Twitter that production began on a second season. However, on October 31, 2020, the studio announced on its website that the show had been canceled.


The idea for a CGI-animated Crossy Road series was proposed by Matt Hall and Andy Sum to Studio Virtual in early 2017. Studio Virtual agreed to the idea, but production did not begin until February 2019. The production of the first season ended in August 2019.


No. Title Length Original upload date
1 "Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?!" 6:54 22 November 2019
2 "The Pigeon's Got to Go!" 6:05 29 November 2019
3 "The Story of the Great Emo Goose!" 4:04 6 January 2019
4 "Lovely Bunny Falls in Love!" 7:07 13 January 2020
5 "What Time Is It? It's Mallard Time!" 7:58 20 January 2020
6 "A Lion and a Lot of Crossing!" 5:43 27 January 2020
7 "Fish and Chips Served Across the Street!" 6:44 3 February 2020
8 "No, No, and No!" 4:32 10 February 2020
9 "No Crossing the Street!" 5:19 17 February 2020
10 "The Tale of the Great Unihorse!" 6:02 24 February 2020
11 "Is It Good for Me to Go Now?!" 5:39 2 March 2020
12 "The Great Train Emergency!" 7:57 9 March 2020

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